We need better servers

I know this has been brought up before but I didn’t see any response from Funcom on the issue and most of the threads were kind of old: The Gportal servers are terrible, I pay for a private server and I’m currently the only person on it, but I have had nothing but problems with it, from servers constantly crashing to my server not even showing up on the server list when I log in to play and then today I logged in and played for a few minutes and the game/server crashed and when I went to log back in to my server it showed it was deactivated, I had 2 days left before I had to add more credits, so I added more credits and it went to a gamecloud that I had deleted the server I was using instead of the one I currently have a server on, so basically I just wasted money. If you want to keep your player base then maybe you might want to provide better servers, especially when people are paying to rent them. If you haven’t noticed there are constant complaints about servers crashing or other problems with the servers all the time, that’s a pretty good indication that Gportal needs to go.

Oh and yes I did put in a ticket but I get sick of doing that, I’m paying for a service and they are not providing it, continuing to use their service is going to hurt your company if you don’t make a change. I don’t want this to sound like I’m angry with Funcom because I’m not I’m angry with Gportal because they are not providing the service I’m paying for.


I’m a little upset right now, I start a serious thread about servers constantly crashing and there no response from anyone, not the community nor Funcom, but a thread about animal genitalia gets 45 replies and over 300 views? How does that even work, is this forum just a big joke? Every 15 minutes or so my server crashes, its pointless to even try to play if the servers are so poor that they can’t even handle 1 person, I rent a server from GPortal and I’m beginning to think its a waste of money, but it also seems that none of the servers for this game are any good. Even though I rent the server from GPortal, Funcom is still responsible for the services that are provided to support their game.

Your thread is not the only one about crashing servers @BigSarg. So dont feel upset about missing response. Its not against you. :+1:

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Have you shopped around for other hosting companies with a better track-record?

I do understand that some game hot companies tend to shift their server priorities depending on what games are new and most topical. Sometimes, some companies (certainly not all) move games that have not been released in the last six months to lower priority in their server-load balancing.

Check with your Players and see if they would support you checking other service providers. You can also always pop over to the company’s twitter account and see whether there are any others with similar complaints.

The crashing issues this week have not helped, but appears to be settling down now - well certainly on my server for now.

From my experience, and from your messages above, yours too, IT issues can be difficult to get through without some collateral damage. There’s the whole standard identify, fix, test, deploy, roll out process - add to that Globally - and you have a lot to deal with. Sometimes checking all issue tickets is not practical so a central ticket’s set up and everyone drops in there.

On my side, the issues seem to have settled down. For some modded platforms there are still some issues, but they are being resolved. I could not possibly comment on behalf of a hosting company as I do not know whether they would isolate servers or have some other inner process to deal the extra traffic.

Wishing you luck and hope the crash issues on your side have also been resolved. I would still check other providers and see what’s on offer. Who knows :slight_smile:

In my experience with private servers, when the population gets over 30 or 40 players online, things start to crumble regarding combat. Enemies aggro you too late, and then run past you as if they were fleeing, when engaged sometimes I can ghost through them and appear on their backs, and they do the same. This is probably due to desync, so planning in advance where the enemy will move sometimes works, but it gets very hard at times to target them.

I don’t see much problems when building, crafting or doing other things besides combat. You would think it might be lag or high pings, but even with pings under 100, these issues persist. Good thing I dedicate more time to rp than anything else!. :slight_smile:

The only reason I use GPortal is because its the one connected to Funcom, when you pull up the server list and click on “Get your own server” it connects you to Gportal. Server crashes happen every time I log in.

I could understand having problems if I had 30-40 people on my server, but I’m the only person on it and it doesn’t matter what I’m doing it still crashes. I also have combat issues, one minute they are in front of me then they are behind me, or they seem to slide around, not even moving their feet. It seems like every time they do an update and fix a couple things they break more stuff. When the game is running good its great, but that seems to get more rare every time they do an update.

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