Funcom Servers Lagging, wanna help solving it? Open tickets on GPORTAL and make them

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Guys, if u wanna help FUNCOM take some action on LAGGING, go to
g-portal . com/int/support_management/tickets
create an account, and open a TICKET about OFFICIAL SERVERS.

Thats what they answered:
URL: ibb . co/58s0T4Z

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Wow. This is… I have no words for it. :frowning:

Want to watch that page though, my AV didn’t like it:

just a picture of the conversation with Gportal support, saying that can’t do anything without funcom’s permision, on official servers, thats it.

Yup, got that.

Just noting that when I went to the image hosting site that the image is hosted on from a sandbox VM, I got a warning that it tried to install adware. Your mileage may vary…

EDIT:- Copied content below @CAGADURO was sharing, because it’s useful to see.

Got a different adware warning btw, the image hosting company is none too trustworthy. I know a lot of people don’t care about adware, but like I said YMMV.

Its just so ppl can See that FUNCOM is not trying hard enough to keep us players with fine connection on the servers.

And GPORTAL its not doing enough either.

I would place the blame on Funcom in this case. The game used to have a button to report problems with official servers, but now that button – and the Google Forms form that it sent you to – are gone.

There is no way to report a problem with a server other than through these forums, and we’ve all seen how well that works :frowning:

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I have a gportal server. I never have good customer service experiences with them.

I had an issue with the last hotfix and every answer I got was that they dont control anything–they have to do whatever Funcom says.

I find it disturbing that they dont code test the distributions before going live.

Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Have to agree.

Unfortunately, from what I have (repeatedly) read, just reporting through the forums lacks genuine feedback that the issue is being looked at. It really needs something closer to a genuine ticketing system, so the reporter gets some idea of whether their personal pot is on the boil or not.


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