Thanks funcom lol


IT has been 30 min and server is 1020 ping :smiley: nice 2 weeks to ban right?

nothing is spawning you can’t pick up anything


now it works 35min later nice

DDOS is a server issue that G-Portal should be resolving. They have special software they use, but apparently it sucks. I have no idea why Funcom does not PIN the customer service info for G-Portal on the forum and save everyone and themselves a lot of grief. You can find it on the internet but it is a real pain, like they are trying to hide it or something. . . shocked


the saddest part is you put in a ticket to gportal and they say talk to funcom.

You tell funcom about it and they say zendesk or gportal lol


Zendesk is a third party customer service company that FC pays to log information and tickets and pass it on to FC to fix.
I was pleasantly surprised they actually farmed out a little CS, but it is still up to Funcom to do the banning etc.
When you get that canned email response saying they are backlogged and is it still an issue, that is poor Zendesk saying FC hasnt done anything. . . lol

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FC does its own investigations, and the outcome is kept in-house. We want to rule out if it is a server or client issue. I’d point it out, but I don’t need my hand slapped. :clap: :laughing:

I reported it yesterday and I got a response back in less than 24 hours, and they said they will take action against them in less than 48 hours. System is pretty great.


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