Tons of servers offline to 8+ hours and you're silent?

How about some communication? ETA? something. This is horrible customer service.

Seriously, though. We have all been using the server reporting tool and some of us even tried reaching you via Twitter. Don’t you have any staff at all?


Yeah, but they don’t need a lot of them to just break the silence. I bet that whoever they have working on weekend is busy trying to sort this out, instead of spending time with their family, while the people who should be talking to us are enjoying their time off.

Seriously, Funcom, your contempt for your users couldn’t be worse if you hired the original BOFH from Simon Travaglia’s stories.

Funcom doesn’t host the servers. They’re based in Oslo. Complain to G-Portal, the hosting company.

They rent hundreds of servers. You can be damned sure if there is an outage, they notify their customers. Funcom just failed to pass along the info.

How about I complain to the people who are responsible to me as their customer, which would be Funcom, and they complain to the people who are responsible to them as a customer, which would be G-Portal?

The chain of responsibility shouldn’t be too hard to grasp.

Hey Rick, nice to see you again. Are you sure the servers are offline? A number of my favorites have changed IP address recently. I can only guess, but it’s most likely due to PS4 allocations thanks to loads of new players. This just means the IP shifted. If it’s an actual outage, it might take as much as 6 hours or more* for G-Portal to get the info to Funcom, who can then authorize a server reboot.

What is your server state?

* Due to weekend.

@Codemage, the real question is why that post with the idea of complaining to G-portal is a thing in reality lol.

G-portal has other servers up so I wouldn’t even be so quick to judge that G-Portal as being the sole issue @pbcop82.

It is clearly a Funcom/ Conan thing b/c there is silence and a safer assumption versus “Complain to G-Portal”. Which is complaining to the company responsible for keeping the server functional running a specific set of code that I paid for as a customer which then relays digital information on a screen.

Did my best to put in as much detail on a macro level so hopefully I don’t get the same response you offered @CodeMage.

Yeah I’m waiting for your “Complain to G-Portal” as the only thing in a response to me, cahman bud!

1727 pve still down

1823 is also still down. 17 hours and counting.

Server 1747 down 17+ hours… Not even an explanation as to what is even happening…

Unfortunately I think the Oslo staff that monitor these forums do not work on the weekends. But I will use the @Community mention so this thread pops up on the individual community managers notifications to make it more visible to them … maybe there’s someone in that list in an office on the weekend who can help.

Keep using the Report Official Server button to report the offline servers … that will go directly to Gportal who host the servers so they can check for outages.

Also if trying to access via favourites be aware that sometimes the exact IP will change but the server number (Eg 1952) will not … so take a note of the server number search for it instead of going to a saved favourite link.

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yikes, sent it about 20 of those google doc reports to see if anyone is even viewing them. Naw no one is working at all. Never mind specific departments, its 10am in Oslo atm and if there was anyone there to even get the slightest word to the public or even internally, Im sure it would have already been done. Looks like a non gaming Sunday. Its unfortunate.

If you want to track your server.

Just type in your server number and it will come up.

Hey there,

It seems there was an outage with some Steam services that affected connectivity. All servers should be running normally now.
Regarding server outages, G-Portal are the ones handling that aspect so in case of this event arises please make sure to get in contact with them either with the server report tool or via Twitter/Facebook, specially during weekends where none of our staff is at the office.


Wait, what? We are talking about official servers, right? I understand the official servers have no admins to resolve in-game issues, but is Funcom seriously refusing to take any responsibility whatsoever for them? Is that really the corporate line, “go bug our providers, we don’t care”?

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Would it be more effective if a Funcom employee relayed your bug report to the service provider? If the servers are operated by G-Portal, then it makes all the sense that you contact them if you have a problem with a server.

I have seen Funcom community managers say they will ask Gportal about specific server issues or issues with groups of servers … and then report back what they’ve found out … and to ask if the issue has resolved for the player.
(Issues such as an apparent relocation of server, query if a server has changed from PvP to pve accidentally, helping players find servers … ie checking with Gportal if they altered the IP location which would cause it to no longer show up in as a saved favourite server).

So it’s not that they won’t, just that it’s often a faster resolution to use the report tool which is sent directly to Gportal rather than wait until office hours in Norway… and enough of those reports will prompt Gportal to take action.

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Let me sum up the situation:

  1. There was a massive and extended outage of Conan Exiles official servers. No, it’s not a question of reassigned IPs, because BattleMetrics reported servers as down.
  2. G-Portal didn’t communicate anything to the players, because players aren’t their customers.
  3. Funcom didn’t communicate anything to the players, because it’s weekend and because players don’t pay for official servers anyway.

So, nobody takes responsibility, there’s no accountability, and everyone is just fine with that? Why?

Personally it’s because I don’t expect everyone in the world to stop and cater to my every need and whim. To frame the situation differently, you wouldn’t complain to HBO if your cable stopped working, causing you to miss the Game of Thrones premier. Nor would you expect HBO to release a statement about why your cable went out and when you can expect service to be restored. Heck, in this case Funcom is more like the equivalent of a popular public access show.

It’s not a perfect comparison, but it’s the best I could come up with on 4 hours of sleep.


That kind of ad hominem just cheapens the discussion. It’s not about catering to anyone’s whims, it’s about organizing things in such a way that everyone ends up losing, especially the players.

That’s because HBO doesn’t charge me directly, my cable provider does. A slightly better analogy would be Netflix: they charge you to watch the shows they offer, but they take no responsibility for your Internet connection. They do, however, take responsibility for the availability of their servers. If their whole data center lost power (and they had no redundancy to compensate for that), they sure as hell would release a statement about what was going on.

Um, no. You paid for Conan Exiles, directly, to Funcom. You’re not paying for the servers – which is precisely what’s causing all these problems – but that doesn’t mean Conan Exiles is the equivalent of anything that can be described as “public access”.

Look, the problem is that with this kind of behavior, everyone loses. Even Funcom loses, considering just how many people have walked away from Conan Exiles over this. Those people will spread their story, which will drive potential new players away.

What’s sad is that so many players are perfectly fine with this, which is what allows companies to get away with this and worse. This is why it’s perfectly “fine” that you can buy a whole bunch of games on Steam and then completely lose access to all of them and be left unable to play any of them ever again, because they decided to disable your account.

But I guess that’s just my age showing.