Server 7050 down 45+ mins... no email response.. help?

Sent a few emails no usual response and server still down. Help? :frowning:

Did you send a ticket to g-portal?

Gportal? I emailed the usual funcom email.

There is no usual funcom email.

Gportal runs the servers, if you don’t contact them then you’re essentially throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean and hoping it makes it to the right person

Interesting this is an official Server for xbox and was previously directed to email funcom via address I’ve been using. Site now shows a form to complete which I also did. Gportal doesn’t sound d like the path.

You need to send ticket to ZenDesk. Funcom doesn’t work on weekends. Unless G-Portal realises there is a problem, it is probably going to be solved on Monday when Funcom informs them. You would think that G-Portal would monitor this on their own but it seems that unless you tell them there is a problem, they wouldn’t know. It doesn’t speak very well about them as a hosting company which got contracted to host official servers.


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