Hey funcom guess what?1517 BROKE AND ITS DOWN

time to get the hamster up and running

There’s a forum section specifically for problems and server issues. Probably get more results posting there than in a section for general discussion.

actually, there is no forum section for problems and server issues because there is a form to fill up to report such:


Furthermore, Funcom rarely respond on the forums during the weekend. So you can either wait till Monday or use the form hoping that G-Portal will check.

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I was referring to the PC Updates and Bugs section, there are tons of server reports there with FC replies. That Google Form “tool” is another way to shout into the great Nothing and listen to the echo.

The bug subforums should be used for constructively reporting bugs or issues on the Funcom side, not for venting. Eventhough you don’t get a reply using the tool, they are working on these issues with G-Portal. Forum threads on server issues do get a response, but as Narelle mentioned rarely during the weekend -and holidays-. Such a thread is more useful when the issue continues after it has been fixed.

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