GPortal servers ETA

Does anyone have any idea when G-Portal will have new servers up and running? I tried to purchase a server last night and got an error so I tried again and got the same thing. I found out later that they didn’t have any available which is fine but I also found out that it charged me both times for those servers. I’ve contacted them and haven’t heard back about the server ETA nor my double charge for servers they couldn’t even provide. They should’ve shut the entire link down instead of allowing people to still pay when they don’t have a product to deliver.

I tried G-portal before and extreme pretty soon I realized it was not for me. The only i can think now of is if there is any rare ocassion where I need to test mods then I can rent for some few days from them. I’ve now been using another company from the UK and it is the best one in many ways that I have seen.

I probably should’ve specified I’m on Xbox one. So I didn’t have a choice as to who my server provider was. G-Portal is the only option.