Server lag making the game unplayable

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Performance
Region: [America]

Is there any word on this being fixed or anyone have a link tracking this issue? It seems about every 40 mins and sometimes more. My friends and I lag out so bad that.

No matter what you’re doing the game will freeze and 15 to 45 second later, it will unfreeze.
If you’re fighting NPCs they will kill you since they are not lagging.
If you are dragging a thrall it will just disappear and you pop up really far from where the lag started with no thrall on your rope, you are killed and it’s gone, hit a wall, or run off a cliff ghosting.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a good thrall and while running back to the base, have game lag and lose a thrall. Die while trying to fight enemies, or die just because I was running by a cliff when the lagg hits. The whole game just comes to a stall or kicks you out. I die more from lag and connection issues then anything else and it getting really frustrating.
We really love this game but all the unnecessary deaths and redos is making it very hard to continue to play. I play with a group of people and when the lag comes we all just freeze up and pray for the best. But most of the time it kills us or makes us redo hours of work/killing and dragging.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Join g portal official server 3405
  2. Play the game for an hour. It will happen 1 to 10 times I promise you. Sometimes it last for a min, other times it last for 20-30. About 4 hours ago it kick me out and the server wasn’t even found on the list for 20 mins
  3. We are from all over, Canada, Mississippi, Florida, Ohio and more. So it can’t be our connections when it happens to us all at the same time.
  4. It’s gotten to the point to where we are feeling cheated out of the money we spent on a game that didn’t say anything about a beta or early release and even more so the time we lose and have to repeat to continue.
    Yes I can play single player with no issues but what fun is that, I got it to play with friends.
  5. You should find a way to show us gamers you care and not by saying we know the issue. Loot, goodies, or something. I’m to the point where I wish I could return the game untill it’s playable for longer then 40 mins at a time. Timing it doesn’t always work.
    Kinda sucks that the game is so fun and we keep coming back for more Exile lag pain and suffering :wink:

Anyone one else out there having these issues on other g portal servers? Please let me know.

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Yes, sadly we all having huge lags. I use wiredconnection with 200mbps and it’s very laggy.
I hope for a fix soon because I stopped playing and want to play again when it is better.

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same issue on server 3505 almost unplayable for my friends and I and we are all in diff states/cities all lag at same time something needs to be done this is unacceptable from funcom. I really love this game but will not support it at this point


I am on your server and am having the same exact issues. I also have been “ghosting” through both my own and other player’s buildings and cannot use any benches.

Still lagging every 40 mins or so after patch 1.11. come on guys please fix.

I just got the game, thinking that the strong PvP marketing might mean that it is actually viable online. It isn’t. The severe server lag makes the game unplayable online, where all other online games I play (Fortnite, BF2, etc) are perfectly fine. How can Funcom not have fixed this yet, but have DLC pushed out there? Shouldn’t effort be put into maknig the game viable for console players?


lag on all servers, not worth the time…such a shame.


If you are bummed out because you’ve only been playing conan exiles I suggest playing literally any other game. Its funny how refreshing it is playing a game that is completed or even not riddled with bug after bug. I am playing xcom 2 and fortnite the past 2 weeks to see if maybe they’d fix Conan. It only gets worse after each patch it seems.

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I believe that this is a friendly and sensible suggestion about this game and the unfavorable prognosis of its future in front of what we are seeing. I know that no one likes to invest the money in something that is collecting problems, but all the dissatisfied players are in the same boat. Some jump out, others decide to stay. It’s your decision, but do not let a game ruin your fun and peace of mind.


I still have Conan Exiles, but for the past week I haven’t even started it. In the meantime I’ve played all kind of bug-free games and without lag. It was such a refreshing experience, it felt so normal. And this evening I started it… the lag was immediate, the game plays badly, the graphics are lackluster, at least on PS4 they look like they’re made out of clay… it’s plain bad. First fight was a series of trying to hit, then lag, nothing happened for 2-3 seconds, then I got hit by the mob, cause apparently it was only me lagging, then rinse and repeat.

So to play such a game, in such conditions, one needs to be masochistic, or they don’t have any other game to play. There are so many good games out there, maybe not survival games, but I am not so enamored of this genre anyway so Conan Exiles has nothing on ANY of the other games I’ve played so far. It’s badly coded, badly designed, laggy, buggy, and dumbed down; the only good thing it had was building, now that’s gone too.

Conan Exiles, at least for me, offers too little, too late. And it’s getting worse day by day. Time to move on and never look back.

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The game has been out for over two months now and we are still seeing the horrific lag spikes every 45-50 mins on your official servers. I’m only logging on to make sure my buildings don’t get destroyed, same for my online buds. I’m about to just uninstall this game from my console since they think it’s more important to come out with paid DLC instead of fixing an issues that is a game breaker for Online play. You should have just given the DLC for free as a start to a long needed appology since we paid for a broken game. Why would I pay more for items when I’ll just die from lag trying to collect resources to make them. I have never been one to rant about bugs in games, hell I even enjoyed AC unity, lol that should tell you something. This game was fun, so I suffered the unnecessary deaths but I can no longer progress due to death by lag I’m dougens or just walking off of cliffs. Should be laws that covered selling broke software/games. This game is a lemon due to hosting/online.connection and I wish I could get my money back.


i think its getting a bit better but at certain times …usually better late at night guys:)