Conan Lagzile - a frustration tale

I know its been discussed here, but wtf.
Me and 3 friends have never played Conan Exiles before. Bought it 3 days ago. Loaded in and had 2 Hours of fun when the Server started laggin as Hell. We only experienced lag when we were split apart, or not alone on the Server. Rubberbanding, lag, staminabar not chaning, dying by phantomhits. We thought it was the Server we PAYED for and we found nothing while googling it. We switched Servers. Played again 20-30 levels and now its unplayable again. The Server is empty, its just us but everytime we load in, we cant play the game. Its incredible frustrating and more frustrating, that we seemed to be the only ones who had those problems. But I set my notifications on last week and alot of stuff popped up. We rly bought this game first time, after a PATCH that makes the game unplayable? :smiley: We have alot of fun playing it but the lags will kill it for us. Its been 3 Days and no change?
How can a game run that long while beeing unplayable.
Please fix this asap.


It’s called update :rofl::rofl::rofl:, welcome to Conan exiles and to the Forum. Thanks a million for your feedback, it’s really necessary to know how new players feel with this unfortunate situation.

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Ye, I mean, it won’t help, because the Problem is already known. But maybe it helps to understand the frustration, especially for new players.

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Though this patch probably topped every other implayable patch up until know. I only started with age of war (2) yesterday and was wondering about the heavy lags. At first everything was normal. Just 5 mins later, as I ran some distance and stuff got loaded while other disappeared from vision, the lags began. There is at least one mod with deadly spike traps. I died because those didnt get loaded. :joy:

To you, Resistofdoom:
No, this is not the usual state, especially not if the server is unmodded.
Usually one can play just perfectly. Certain mods make it a little laggier but if you look around, there are quite a few reports on heavy lags.

Its funny, because we think this game is superfun and never played it before, but we dont know it without those lags :frowning: One of us even stopped playing again. I hope they are able to fix this!

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