Terrible Lag will need to be fixed before 3.0

I reported this terrible lag in game bugs a few months ago, but it still persists and has now spread to nearby official servers. Meaning within about 200-300 miles. FAST.com pegs me at 16 Mbps download, 1.2 Mbps upload, 16ms latency and 17ms latency while playing Conan Exiles. So not likely to be me.

The lag is so bad that my character logs in in the daytime and 5 minutes later the game goes from noon to midnight in a split second. For first 5 to 15 minutes I walk through trees and rocks and can’t harvest them if the server is on east coast US.

West coast near me this does not happen, but npc’s and other players rubber-band through me and suddenly my character is dead and I have no idea how I was hit. Only my thralls can fight. And this lag/rubber-banding on west coast servers started Thursday, 6-30 and several other players were also complaining about impossible lag in the chat.

Now I was forced to move off the east coast server I had been playing on with no problems for 18 months or so, by sudden impossible lag. Right after the server Trim was put on hold. Now that same lag is showing up on nearby servers too.

So, if you expect us, the players, to suddenly take the lead in combat in 3.0 this lag will need to be fixed. I have given you the dates for when this lag started so what did you change?

Also, no one can fight the Arena Champion, she often one hit kills you. Only thralls with around 10,000 HP and epic armor survive usually. Just a reminder/feedback for 3.0.

I just don’t understand why this is? I left 1516 and 1517 which had always been fine for well over a year, but suddenly around the time the server trim was delayed the first time both developed unplayable lag. Rocks and trees could not be farmed for 15 minutes and my character just walked through them. The nights never ended and then suddenly it was high noon. It was impossible to fight any npc’s because they would run through me and I would miss, but turning around meant they hit me in the back and took 70 percent of my hit points.

So I checked out west coast servers 1818, 1819, and 1820. One had absolutely no lag so I moved there. This server had no lag for over a month, until 6-30-22 when it too became unplayable due to lag. Not as bad as 1516 and 1517, but so bad you were taking mystery hits from NPC’s. If this was a berserker or volcano thrall your character likely got killed. Your only choice was to let your thrall do the fighting until you were certain where they were. The west coast time zone servers are all within a few hundred miles and my latency to them is .48ms to .77ms. And my bandwidth is 16 to 17 Mbs. I even have a gamer’s version anti-virus that prioritizes games I select.

So this game needs to be restored to it’s previous “no-lag-at-all” state. And hopefully before 3.0 when supposedly my thralls will be much less than they are now.

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