Official servers are suffering from extreme lag for a while now, nearly unplayable

Yes yes, this is something you hear often here.

Some times, the official servers are fine for some time. These are mostly around odd hours, like early morning or very late in the night. Then at server raid time, where everyone plays, this happens and the lag stay like this for a while. I got no idea what causes this but everyone can not play. We can’t pvp, we can’t farm, we can’t PvE we can’t do anything.

Please funcom, we do not want to be on the mercy of a biased private server admin, when will the servers be playable for us in the official servers? The Server I play on currently is 1110# and it is unplayable for all of us. A lot of new players quit the game after enduring this, they write it on the chat and it pains me to see this. The game is great, but it is hard to enjoy its greatness due constant lag and bugs.

Doors open slowly, people teleport everywhere, AI won’t respond, vaults don’t show some items, stamina bar do not regenerate/expend at the right time, vaults won’t accept items to be returned.

Everything fun turns into a chore. It’s such a mess.
Also to people playing in private servers please don’t tell us to play on private, I have, a lot, but there are different experiences in both type of servers so let us leave it at that.

I am writing this as I wait for the vault to allow me to take/place items, I’ve given thought and written this in 10 minutes and the vault is still lagged.


I can confirm what LoneWolf said. I play like 2 weeks on this server #1110 and it has been laggy since day one.
It takes all the fun of a pvp server.

There is no way one can seriously play conan with such issues and it needs to fixed as soon as possible.
Please listen to his words and take a look into the issue.

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One of my old friends came back to conan to give the game another shot. What happens, instant lag, laggspike into the lava, lose everything because of a laggspike and he shuts the game down and he probably won’t touch the game again for 3 months or more. He’s like me, an early launch player.

These lags and bugs need to go. I speak about the pet system to my friends and none of them has any hype for it because they all know, it will either be bugged or the lag will make them nothing but statues that warp behind you.

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