Lag on single player official server

I’m playing on a single player official server, since the last Update the lag has been so bad that I can’t even play the game, I’ve never had a lag issue before and since I’m the only person playing on this server then I shouldn’t experience any lag at all. Hopefully this will get fixed soon because the game isn’t even playable right now.

Server number and obviously pc and region please as server crash won’t tell them which one and where to fix it

I have the same problem and several people have said the same. Funcom have acknowledged the problem and said they are working on it. See the posts in the PC bugs forum. Some players have indicated they have no problems, so it’s not an universal problem.

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There is no server number or region since its a single player server, I don’t pick a server or region, but it is PC

sorry generally single player offline is what we call it cause its in a since not a server or official thus i thought it was a server possible issue but as mentioed above the are working on it

ahh, ok, sorry I didn’t know that, sorry for the misunderstanding

You can not play Conan offline unless you use a mod even single player is on a server and always you have to be connected to steam.

it’s not on a server , your computer simulates the server , but yes indeed you still have to be connected to internet because of the funcom live services . that said with the mod you can play offline ( but as the dlc’s are checked with the online services , you won’t be able to access them if you use the offline mod )

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Yeah I forgot about that part lol thanks for the reminder