Performance - Official PvP #1129

Game mode: Online official 1129
Type of issue: Crash | Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Server 1129 - 3 weeks back the servers population went up from 15 to 30+ regulars and almost being full at times. During the day, the server ran fine… but at raid time, the unplayable lag started. This lasted for a week. Unable to do anything, open boxes, open doors… etc. And it lasted for whole raid time window and sometimes longer, reaching 10+ hours of constant lag couple of times.

This obviously made everyone leave. Tho, the issue persist even with 5 regulars and 10 to 15 at peak times on the weekends.It is not as severe, but the server has hick ups all day, random lags for few minutes multiple times and server crashes. We have tried reporting in game, but nothing ever changes. Once they issued a server restart, but 10 min after, the same thing started to happen.

This is honestly infuriating. I’ve spent 2 months playing here, just for the server to “die” due to poor performance. Many have quit the game, because we refuse to start a new after all the time invested, and nothing ever happens anymore due to lack of new players. It’s not fair that other officials rarely experience this issues. The influx of new players happened rather quickly and at this point we suspect foul play. I don’t see why officials which max out the 40 slots regularly, never experienced this. I know G-portal is the ones handling the servers but don’t think all the responsibility can be just waved off to them. You are losing the player base.

Anyway, we are mad, sad and beyond disappointed… So sorry for the rant to whom ever is gonna read this. Thank you for your time, and I hope something changes.

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