Official PvE-C #1040 daily extreme lag and crashes

Type of issue: PERFORMANCE / CRASH
Server type: PVE-CONFLICT
Region: EU

Official PvE-C #1040 suffers from extreme lag several times a day, even when barely any players are online. The ping is >1000ms for long periods of time with actions taking up to 10 seconds to be executed. During Purge Time (18:00-20:00 CET) the lag is almost constant. Throughout the rest of the day, there are frequent shorter phases (up to 30 minutes) of extreme lag.

Additionally, the server crashes regularily during these phases. Today the server was offline 3 times, first crash at approx. 15:15 CET, then the server was gracefully rebooted at about 16:00 CET and it just crashed again at 23:00 CET. It stays completely offline for up to an hour, even when it reappears in the sever list it often still cannot be connected to. Battlemetrics shows the server as not responding to pings during these times.

The issue has been reported repeatedly through various channels by several players on the server, who all describe the exact same issues which have been ongoing for weeks, if not months. Playing on this server is almost impossible for long stretches of time.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Play on Official PvE-C #1040
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Still crashing…26/4

Hey there,

We’ve been in touch with G-Portal to upgrade the hardware in this and a few other servers. Please let us know if these issues persist.


So, after the upgrade has now been about 10 days ago, here is the situation:

Lag has almost completely disappeared. Even with over 30 players during Purge Time, the ping is usually between 150 and 250, with occasional very short spikes spikes of up to 400, which barely affect play.

Sometimes, content is still not loaded completely, resulting in incomplete inventories. Relogging ususally fixes this issue.

Loading of player-build structures still has significant lag, affecting log-in but also teleporting as you may get stuck for a few seconds at an obelisk while nearby structures are loaded. This is still significantly better than before the upgrade, but not gone.

Server crashes have become rarer, but have not completely disappeared, they now happen once about every second or third day.


Thanks for the update @TRNogger, glad to hear most of the issues are mitigated.

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So, unfortunately, since Update 40 rolled out the server crashes frequently, like every few hours.

Here is the downtime history as recorded by BattleMetrics, with the 5:13 being the daily reboot:

Start End Duration
09.05.2020 16:57 09.05.2020 17:05 00:08
09.05.2020 16:19 09.05.2020 16:27 00:07
09.05.2020 12:32 09.05.2020 12:33 00:01
09.05.2020 12:09 09.05.2020 12:12 00:03
09.05.2020 11:53 09.05.2020 11:54 00:01
09.05.2020 11:46 09.05.2020 11:48 00:02
09.05.2020 11:29 09.05.2020 11:30 00:01
09.05.2020 05:13 09.05.2020 05:23 00:09
08.05.2020 21:23 08.05.2020 21:31 00:07
08.05.2020 17:22 08.05.2020 17:52 00:30
08.05.2020 16:36 08.05.2020 16:37 00:01
08.05.2020 16:18 08.05.2020 16:26 00:08
08.05.2020 15:06 08.05.2020 15:12 00:06
08.05.2020 05:13 08.05.2020 05:23 00:10

Since yesterday evening, #1040 is experiencing frequent lag again which has gotten worse, since this evening we now have again extended periods were playing is almost impossible and ping is >1000 ms for extended periods of time.

#1040 Players are getting tired to have extreme lags everyday at every hours during the day. I lost 3 thralls with no reasons in 2 days, just fatal deaths while i was at home alone, i have LAGS, CRASH, DELAYS, and seems normal for you?
I spent something like 100€ to have a game which not runs, im really afraid and i want to ask someone for have REFUND, for YOUR INTERNAL PROBLEMS, NOT OUR, AND ALSO YOUR EXCUSES FOR THE WASTE OF TIME WE HAD. Thank you.

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