Official Server Problems PVE-C 1040

Online official 1040 PVE-C
Performance | Lag & Server Crash

The server is still lagging like crazy, it usually happens later in the evening. This has been going on for over a month now, and its becoming ridiculous the amount of times i have died or lost gear, loot and thralls due to lag. This to my knowledge has been reported to yourself and G-Portal a dozen times by now and still no one has done anything about this. It has been reported in multiple languages as well just in case no one speaks english at Funcom.

At this point it is pretty clear no one will do anything about this, The game is great despite the bugs however with the server bugging out every night is ruining my experience with Conan.

How long will it take before you guys actually sort out the issue?
There are records dating back since April 2019 about this server.

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Hey @Coezzy

Could you try to run the following command (you can open the command console ingame by pressing Insert) and let us know the value listed as “Ping” when this situation happens?

Thanks in advance.

My ping is listed as 1020, the color is red and usually its around 60-80 but this 1020 pings last for over 30 minutes and they maybe 20 to 40 minutes apart.

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