PvE-C 1040 is falling apart?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU


What is happening with this game today? Problems with servers is nothing new, always was and probably always will be - crashes, sudden maintenances are almost everyday matters, but today - WTF? I logout near 23:00 (09.04.20) and it was OK, login after a few hours, around 3:00 (10.04.20 - login proces takes like 10 minutes) and the game is a mess… Buildings and NPC are not loading, I am flying in the air, items and whole inventory gone - there were stuff I was collecting and crafting for a few hours (I’m in the middle of the base re-building process), my tools, weapon, shield and whole set i was wearing are gone. If I put something in inventory, I can’t put it out, it becomes invisible, for example: my pick I took from the chest - place it on slot 1 - it’s in my hand, but when I click 1 again, it stays in my hand and dissapears from a quick selection bar - can’t do anyting to remove it. Same as all other items - put something in inventory, colse inventory, reopened it - all gone. It is a good game, but is so iritating and annoying to play coz of lags, bugs and things like that. Community on servers is getting more more negative - just read the chat, my friends are leaving Conan and play other games coz of this (we start in 5, only 2 of us lef guys just give up). I am close to that too. I have to mention that I spent 1000 hours in Conan, have almost all DLC - I am not new, complaining kid. I’ve seen many things and issues, but what is happening lately is just ridiculous.

Server: Official 1040 PvE-C.
Coords: TeleportPlayer -26767.0 -45270.960938 -2919.730225
Player name: Nebulizator

AND some dude build his base at South of Skyholme Ruins on pylons where the Specialist Cooking II is placed, so no one can get it… Why does the game allows on such things?

Hi @Nebulizator, we’re aware of the server issues and currently looking into them, we’ll also reach out to you privately to gather further information on this matter.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

Even if there was a no-build zone around certain points of interest such as that one, it would still be possible to build around them. The developers are considering means to prevent or mitigate this type of behavior but for now, we’d advise reaching out to the player and ask him to remove the offending structure.

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