PVE-C 1940 items missing

Game mode: [PVE-Conflict Official 1940]
Type of issue: [Items missing after log in]
Server type: [PVE - Conflict]
Region: [unsure]

Logged out last night in my house, log in today after your server screw up and I have died a few times and lost all my stuff. I am unsure how I kept dying to thrist while I was offline I would like to have my character rolled back and my stuff returned as this is a bug issue and not a pvp issue.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

They are going to do something, this is their screw up and I cant just make it again a lot of it was legendary drops from world UC bosses.

Clearly was not even on the server when this went down. No player should suffer for a companies screw up.

Well we will see, if I do not hear anything I will drive an hour to their NA HQ. This is an amazing game and I want to see first hand why they seem intent of not making it great. Maybe I can get a tour.

Hey @Sigmasiggles!

While we enjoy and appreciate getting visits from fans, you might need to add a few hours to that road trip. Development in Conan Exiles is handled at the Oslo office, in Norway. The North Carolina office is working on SWL, AOC and AO.

I understand completely that it’s frustrating to lose your stuff, and I’m sorry you lost so much. Unfortunately we don’t have a policy of returning lost items to players.

Hey, I would love to see how a game company is run. I have always wondered. BTW I have already replaced all my stuff with some slick trading and heavy sweet talking so we all good here.

Bye lifeblood spear xD i spent 2 days 8hrs a day and only got 2 of those and 1 crom sword

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