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Official server 1733

UPDATE: So it looks like FUNCOM has decided that it’s ok to steal my items and not offer an explanation, apology or even bother to return them. As the consumer of your product I follow your rules and regulations. But it looks to me like FUNCOM can just delete items from someones account and not be accountable for it. I have put in a few hours on this game and have enjoyed it for the most part. Yes the game has some issues and I over look them. But this here having my items taken from me. It’s honestly unacceptable. To anyone that is not with the FUNCOM company. Is it normal to be ignored on here. I have only made one or two other post and I am not familiar with the whole posting thing.

Per the Event Log at 6:14am when server restarted I lost all my gear, weapons and bag items. Please utilize the Event Log and return these items to me. I am on Official server 1733 PVE - g-portal.us my character name is Cadet. I have an account with your company which means I have an email with you as well. If you need further assistance as to where my location is, email me. If items can’t be returned please provide a reason as to why they cannot be.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Hey @Crazytrain

Neither we have stolen anything from your account nor we can offer any refund of lost items. Conan Exiles is not an MMO and thus we cannot offer a similar level of service or support for it.
To understand why your items have been lost, please check your event log ingame, which you can access in the Escape menu.

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Is reason I will never support official servers again. I realized go player owned servers or singleplayer. they funky in there help. Run To The HillS. Iron maiden

You stat you can’t offer any refund of lost items, why is that? Can you not access my log or my account and see what has happened to me. I honestly find that hard to believe.

Your excuse for not returning my items is bull, FUNCOM has 12 games it promotes. So I’m sure your company has enough knowledge and know-how to make this right.

If I had been the one that lost my items, I would just chalk it up as a stupid move. But I didn’t loose them, FUNCOM did and that’s why I’m posting yet another post.

2019.06.20-06.14.05 Server started
Then right after that there are 22 items that say Loot bag owned by Cadet (Graveyard Crew) has decayed. Now, the problem with this is. I was offline. I did not fall in lava, I was not climbing to high and then falling, I was doing nothing other then being logged out in FULL shelter by the way, in my house.

You ask the players on Official servers to help your company out and report things like exploits and bugs. And yet you basically are saying you can’t make things right when your company messes with a players inventory and the bug in on your end. Does that sound like a good business model to you? Trust goes both ways, and you put trust into us to report things and we look to FUNCOM for trust in treating us right as well.

You assume Funcom is to blame for your death. Although u may not have been there to witness it, there are things that can kill your character after u log off. If your base is not built to suit the environment u can die to frostbite or heatstroke. I, for instance, have been accidentally cooked to death in my base when kilns were placed above my bed by another clan member. Things happen even when your screen is off. There are many people in the habit of stripping everything and having it in a chest beside them. And there are no refunds on official servers.

Thank you for the input Ranson, I appreciate it.

Although I had some heat resist clothing on and have logged out in that same spot many times before, I guess that could be a possibility. It would be nice to have the Event log tell me what I died of, it only says Server Started. and then all my stuff is gone.

Anyhow, thank you again for the input.

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How is it not?

I mean I get that it can’t be supported, but how is it not an MMO? It’s primarily played online, and each official server house up to like 40 people, right? It’s also a role playing game, so how is it not a Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG)?

40 people on a server is not a MMO :slight_smile: unless you mean “many men online role playing girls”.

Anything more than 16 people in one game (same room) at a time is considered Massively-Multiplayer.

was ingame for an hour or two, then i saw one of my buildings wasn’t loaded correctly. so i tried to relog - and got a huge loading screen and after that my character was dead (and i don’t know why!).
i respawend 5 metres away in my base and couldn’t move. so i relogged again and got an infinite loading screen…

i could join 2 hours later - and yes, all my red dragon legendaries were gone - because of such a shi… bug.

that’s absolutely not funny(com).

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