Things are gone Official server 1074

I went around my house, the game crashed with an error. When he went back, the character was naked and without things. Please return.
Official server 1074
Character Jude_Masson # 04537

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The support is responsible?

Hi, I am sorry to hear that you lost your belongings. Unfortunately, Funcom does not offer his kind of support. There are no GMs on official servers who can help you with any lost items. You could perhaps provide more details on the error and submit a crash report if prompted upon crashing which would help Funcom identify the problem and fix it if it is on their side.


Excuse me. Are you the official representative and is this the official answer?

No, Narelle is trying to help. Had you read the general rules and what FC will and will not do, you would know that already, though.

My perception is that she was quite nicely saying what I would put as RTFR, read the rules.

If you won’t take the time to understand your answer is in the appropriate section, why would you expect an employee of FC to reply to you personally?

Jude, there are hundreds of instances like yours posted here and the answer is in the rules. In a sense, FC has responded to you.

Less than full regards,


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Hey there,

We unfortunately can’t provide any compensation to loss of materials or items in an official server, as Conan Exiles doesn’t offer MMO-Like support.
Apologies for the inconvenience and frustration.

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