1813 Server Cashes again : Char Died.. lost all items

So the 1813 server crashed again around 11pm Arizona time last night. It has been running smoothly but suddenly it crashed… I was running to build a base with 65 t3 sandstone foundations, roughly 80 t3 sandstone ceilings, and my buddy had 100 t3 sandstone walls. We were both wearing brand new Silent Legion sets we made with “thick armor” enhancments and had our star metal tools, all of them.

As usual, we log back on hours later to find that we died and our bodies have dissapeared and thus we lost all of our stuff. This is the 3rd or 4th time something like this has happened. I want like for an admin in this game to come and reimburse me for what I’ve lost. If not I will no longer be playing this game. I will asked for a refund for both expansions and the base game. Finally, I will endlessly post this story for all to see that I’ve wasted over 30 hours of game time to lost resources and gear because of server crashes. I anxiously await your response.


Hi there,

I am very sorry but Funcom Customer Support does not have the ability to grant any items to a player in Conan Exiles. Also, if you would like a refund for the game as well as any DLC that was purchased, you will have to contact the retailer that you purchased the game as we do not have access to any billing information that was used to make the purchase.

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