PVE-C server stability issues

Game mode: PvP-C
Problem: Server crashes and becomes unavailible to everyone that frequents it.
Region: America, PvE-C server 1516

Ever since the last update official PvE-C servers have been unreliable… There are threads popping up on Steams forums and I figure there should be some popping up here to. Reported it once, problem seems to occur again.(Not even sure if reporting it even does any good because of the lack of feedback or timely restoration of service going by the one time I did report the server being down)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Wait for server crash. (Seems to be happening nightly for many servers from what I here and all PvE-C by the sounds of it.)
2.Try to get back in because you’re in the middle of nowhere and afraid someone will loot your unconscious body but can’t because the server isn’t available to anyone.
3.Give up and wait until the next day because the server is down for the rest of your available playtime.
4.Log in the next day and hope that you don’t repeat steps 1-3

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1518 As well. Same issue for the last week and a half

Posted this on another thread, but replying here as well for visibility… As of 7/3/2018 @ 12:50AM Eastern server still inaccessible.

We host our own server on a dedicated machine which only runs this game server. We have 10+ player at any one time, up to 30 at peak times. Since the launch of the game, our server has been stable and never crashed. On a daily basis we would take the server down for 10 min and run the database checker, install any local Windows updates. The whole server would be rebooted weekly. Until this update we hadn’t had any game server crashes.

Whilst the local Windows server remains stable and using less that 15% of system resources, the Conan service has crashed 3-4 time per day since the last update. I am confident that our actual server is fine and stable, internet connection is stable and fast. I too believe that the last update has caused something to become unstable server side.

PVE-C server 1941 has also been having this issue. A crash every. damn. night. I only bought this game two weeks ago and I find this highly unacceptable form a business standpoint. The least funcom can do is address the issue and give us a time estimate for when it will be resolved.

We are having the same issues since the DLC patch and even worse since the hotfix patch. GPortal is telling us that they are waiting for a fix from Funcom’s bad coding. Please Help. Hoping the upcoming patch will fix PC issues?

I also saw this posted from someone else back in May. Dr_Iron_Marvel
May 27

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Server Issues]
Region: [US East]

Since launch (official launch day), my server on g-portal has been crashing on a daily basis (more than once a day) and going offline and the only way to put it back online is to go into the g-portal app and restart it. So I have some unhappy players who can’t get onto my server. I have been in contact with BradF at G-portal and he’s telling me there is a problem with Funcoms code that is causing the servers to crash. He also informed me there is nothing they can do until Funcom patches the crashes. I also enquired about “Watchdog”, G-portals solution that would restart crashed servers. BradF told me the had to take it offline because of bad code from Funcom that was causing Watchdog to mess up or erase saved states on servers and again, they are waiting for Funcom to fix it’s code before they can turn it back on.

Also, 2 days ago I was disconnected from the host and upon attempting to log back in I was told my server was full (impossible because I was the only player online at the time). In the game browser it showed a ping of 9999 to my server.

So when are you going to fix these serious issues that are messing with a paid service (G-portal servers) so our players can actually get onto our servers without finding them in an “Offline” state?

Ps: I’m not sure who is responsible for the xbox g-portal app, but it’s got issues too. It inaccurately reports offline servers as online on it’s home screen.

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Regarding step 2
I think you can not loot unconscious player on Official PVE-Conflict server, only when player is dead you can loot him, also outside pvp time.

Well that’s all well and good if you know that the server won’t come back up during PvP time…

Thanks for sharing that with us, it brings new information to the table. Hopefully they sort this issue because it should clearly be the highest priority right now.

Agreed, sounds like this problem could end up hitting them in the pocket book if it’s actually causing all servers to become unstable…

Hi , im not on PVE server but i have the same problem with my PVP server , crash from 2/3 days for nothing (1020ping/1fps) , i have the best server rentable and i wiped one week ago (no mod) ; you have trouble with your game . We cannot host more than 50 people because the server have so much lag and loose performance during raid time ( last month i had 65 players on server during raid time :500ping 5 fps) . Another problem during the raid time its the explosion which take so much ressources of the server . Please before to up the slot players for the server , start to stabilize the game …