1127 Server issues

This server needs work. I have invested over 300 hours (actually, just looked its just short of 400 hours) on this server so it’s difficult to leave and move to another one.

Over Christmas this server raised to #6 on battlemetrics and was fun to be on, then crippling lag hit the server making it impossible to PvP in any decent fashion, now the lag has died down as many players have left, however the server is still usually only pumping out 10 fps. But the worst issue now is daily crashes, the server will be unjoinable for hours as its in some kind of crashed state where you can see it but noone can join. This makes it a worry to go exploring because when the server crashes you can be anywhere, if you dont have hours to wait for it to come back online your body is there with all the rich pickings on it for any and all that passes by when it eventually comes back online!

Gportal are saying they will move the server, but only at FunComs request. Please look into this server Funcom!

EDIT: The server currently crashed at 14:53 and its currently 17:40 and Im still like a sad b’stard refreshing the screen so I can log in and get my character and gear safe… When this happens late at night and a week night I have no choice but to log and worry about my gear whilst trying to sleep.

EDIT2: Just seen this thread also reporting this server: Official server #1127 PvP issues