Dear Funcom you need something to do with server not respond

And yes we are report them to but it’s madness

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This is SPARTA.
is it a PVP server? the one i play on been down, during raid time, nearly every day…
when it comes back up (restarted) it’■■■■■ again… as if some person/clan doesn’t want it up in raid time… hmmm, new pvp meta

so reporting on is offline wonk help :frowning:

edit (lol, forum censored my typing making it look like i used a bad word… and all i did was abbreviate ‘it is (Hit) again’ to it’s … dirt minded forums, you thunked it not me :P)

no, this is incompetence
official pvp 1212 + 1312


nothing better to do right now… i’m a one game person, so time to make a video of ‘offical PVP’ game play :slight_smile: you know, a loading screen.

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10 minuets after raid time is over, and server is up again >< FUNCOM, contact G.Portal and get them to pull their finger out, over ddos attacks

1312 down again

seems to be the case, everytime we attack a certain clan on our server this week ddos happens, 3 attacks 3 server drops, the coincidence is too much.

somone just do something like Serpent boss fight



our server die again

same here, same time as yesterday, same locked up and lets you in for a few mins, then locks up again.

anyone using twitter to bug them for info on why all the server going down (not much to ask, let us know something funcom)… don’t use twitter my self, but if you have it, give it a try (yeah , waste of time i know, but all we have left)

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I made an account here specifically to complain about this. For the past four days, every day at 9:30 PM CEST several official servers go down for ten minutes, stay up for a minute and then crash again. This repeats for roughly three and a half to four hours.

As a paying customer, I am livid about how poorly this product and connected services are functioning, not to mention the fact that there hasn’t been a word of communication about this recurring issue from Funcom’s side, despite dozens of people reporting the issue daily. Shame on you. No, really. Shame on you. People paid for this. I understand that with any game there will be some issues from time to time, but the amount of issues and downtime for this game is miles beyond reasonable. This is the first product I’ve bought by Funcom, and most certainly the last.

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