The Server Crashes are Killing the Game. Funcom You Must FIX THIS ASAP!

Funcom you have to get this under control. Every night for 2 weeks the servers crash multiple times per night. The game was more stable in Early Access!

I love this game but even people like me that keep coming back wont have anything to come back to if everyone quits because the servers simple will not stay up during prime time. Most of my clan is simple fed up and talking of leaving the game entirely along with many others on our server.

No updates to fix server stability. Not even a word to the community of what is going on. Even die hard supporters like myself are starting to think this is looking like a cash grab.


It’s Malicious my man. A war on all fronts is happening on 1811 and your server gets taken down with ours. They plan to take over the server and destroy it’s wonderfully. When we are destroying their base they DDOS the server and try to loot our bodies. They even admit they do on the global chat. “ddos defense the best defense” I’m just not allowed to post pictures.

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I have noticed on our server that right before the server crashes, those fighting us stop wearing weapons and armor and are going around naked. Makes me wonder, are they causing it?

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