It's been two weeks of daily crashing... Are you serious

Game mode: Online | Server #1941
Problem: Crash

Official server #1941 is down again… It’s been crashing for ~two weeks in a row, sometimes multiple crashes a day. Furthermore, most of the time it takes over five hours for the server to come back up! This is HIGHLY unacceptable.

I’ve seen new players join and quit due to this problem, and I also know for a fact this issue affects several other official servers. Funcom, so far you have not addressed this problem in your announcements, twitter, facebook, or anywhere on the forums (as far as I can tell). You are losing players and your overall game reputation is also going down. I mean look at the recent reviews on Steam… The very fact I had to make this thread and tell you this is rather frustrating.

After contacting GPortal, they’ve explained that they don’t have access to restart official servers. It is YOUR responsibility and you’re doing a very poor job so far. I also heard that Funcom only has four PR reps. Many argue that it’s a very low number of reps for a game like this, and I must agree because of the very reason this issue hasn’t been officially addressed yet. The players --the very people helping you fund the company-- deserve answers. At least tell us if this is a hardware-side or software-side issue.

A kick side note for the moderators, I know threads like this were made before for other servers. If you want to close this thread, go ahead. I don’t care. But I felt the need to at least speak up because many many players are losing their patience.

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Same with 1516. I am thinking that the servers no longer have enough storage for the game to play for 24 hours. As players build monster bases and the placeable count keeps going up, static database storage keeps increasing and dynamic buffer storage for caching keeps shrinking so the buffers eventually overfill, corrupting other parts of server storage causing the crash which requires a reboot which frequently doesn’t happen until the next morning.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Contract with g-portal for more server space.
  2. Reboot every 6 hours to flush out the buffers before they pop.