Server #1940 Down YET AGAIN, I wonder why?

Because the servers always crash consistently, apparently related to server load (almost always peak time. not usually a Monday, but it’s a huge holiday weekend.), nobody knows the cause and it takes up to 12 hours to restart (presumably until the next morning when they auto reboot, unconfirmed).

Here is the last official-seeming reponse I’ve seen. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Would love a legitimate update on this MASSIVE issue.

Also here is one of the many other examples of reports on this issue, this one from 27 days ago.

Down again… stuck at 28/40. Not looking good. Get this fixed by the weekend and I won’t uninstall this otherwise amazing game.

Since funcom save money if you uninstall the game, I’m not sure why you think they would be at all unhappy about you doing so.

And since you would probably reinstall it to buy and check out the next DLC, see above.

Oddly enough, part of the rationale for releasing DLC (with a second on the way) was to help pay for server upkeep, and yet since the DLC dropped your server has been down more than up, so perhaps you will refrain from buying the next one.

But unless someone makes a concerted effort to raise awareness of what’s going on here - maybe contacting popular vloggers, making some top level posts on reddit and elsewhere and emailing some video game journalists - most people will remain ignorant of the situation and despicable crap like this will always be the most profitable strategy.

Red in tooth and claw etc.

Please be sure to use the report tool when you see it go offline. I’m sorry for the trouble, but I’ll poke a dev again and see if they can give me an update on this server.

Could you poke a dev about the “typos” in the PurgeConfigTable too?

(eg Purge_HeirsToTheNorths_Artisan instead of Purge_HeirsToTheNorth_Artisan)

And maybe change the minimum online players eligable for a purge to something other than 0 on official?

And maybe add some human waves (with the artisan thralls everyone wants) with difficulty levels of 5 and 6?

Ahh… I forgot. A month long holiday is due. Nvm.

You kidding me with this? Be sure to report? I report it like a hundred times every night when it inevitably goes down. But yeah, you go ahead and “poke a dev again”, see if that does anything.


Make your own post for your specific purge issues ya muppet.

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My bad :grimacing:

LOL it’s all good man not like anyone is reading these anyway

Hehe no worries.

It wasn’t a genuine bug report tbh. They know how to fix most of the purge bugs, they know it would take all of half an hour at best. They do alllllll this other stuff, but somehow, no purge fixes.

Just pressing the point home with a little sarcasm.

1040 is up btw.

Yeah servers will stay up during the day when nobody is playing but once peak hits around 8PM or so BOOM she goes down like cheap hooker. Only problem is the hooker would be up again as quickly as possible where the servers stays down all night long. Now if it happens tonight (something like the 10th night in a row) I’ll know we’re alone in this and I’m going to uninstall.

Yup. I guess the idea of a watchdog process (to periodically check that the server is alive and and eventually restart it if not) is an alien concept.

The thing is, if their contract with G portal relates to load or concurrent users rather than max slots per server, the very fact that servers are often down during peak hours will save them money.

We are in a lose / lose situation really. Keep trying to play a buggy/broken/unavailable game, or leave, thereby saving them money (because they already have ours). We don’t have much in the way of leverage.

Possible correction. There seem to be some purge fixes in the latest patch, but I’m not sure how far they go yet. I’m not really keen to do empirical testing at this point so I’ll wait for the dev kit update, but if they have fixed purges, then that’s significant imo. (Given how important they are and how easy some of the bugs were to fix, the lack of fixes was really burning me).

Also, I can’t read. 1940 != 1040. Derp.

Anyway, I’ll drag my giant off topic self out of here and let the thread return to it’s intended function.

Just want to re-jack my thread here for a moment to say that after today’s patch when server #1940 inevitably crashed, it was back online within 30 mins or so which is GREAT NEWS!! Looks like a server report and a restart is all it takes to get the old girl up and running now. If this holds up we are looking good and I can stop pestering you people! Yay!

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