PVE-Conflict #1037 Down again in peak hours

I see a lot have claimed the same, but would like to share anyways, as i hope you Funcom wil talk to G-Portal asap.

My server have gone down now every night sence friday.

Allways in Peak hours, allthough numbers online means nothing, its the time of day that seems to be the thing.

This is now happened sence the DLC hit steam, and i for one do not think this is gamerelated, explenation is that the server is wery well populated, and everything worked fine untill last friday.

I have played every day many hours with no issues at all until about 20.00 cet when the disconnects start and the server shuts down.
About the same time every night, ask G-Portal for logs and trace the trubble.
4 nights in a row now, same time, same trubble, but today the server never came back online as it have the other 3 nights.

We can not see in serverbrowser if the server is up or dowm because the serverbrowser do now work in real time, so we as players have no idea if server really is up, we refresh to much and try to log in to much and helps to put extra stress on the servers.
This is something you should fix, it would relieve the stress on customer support, and also the stress for all the gamers locked out in the woods to die and loose their items beacause the body probebly is gone:(

My guess is tjhat someone really is bugging your servers in peak hours, it would not surprise me at all.

Best wishes and hope you get some answers from G-Portal,


Heads up, rt here is now 20:45 and just got kicked from the server again, like the last few days stated abowe…

Please look in to this, i think someone is doing this on purpose, server have been fine all day!

PCE-C 1037 reporting, server down…again, at the same time.

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Official word is they’re on it! Confirmed possible solution in a future world where they figure out what’s causing it. They do appreciate the reports though, important to get those in early. Best advice at this time is report early and often, the more quickly someone reads a report, the more quickly staff can begin the 12 hours trudge to bring the server online. We just need to be patient.

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