Server 1940 & 1941 down again? WTF

Is it gonna take 12+ hours like last time to bring them back up???

Yeah, I started playing 1941 last night because 1518 was down and liked it better. Now 1941 is down. It’s ridiculous.

Hey @Community how come our servers keep going down for hours at a time without any follow up explanation from the team? GPortal has told us to tell you to fix it as they won’t do it anymore when we send tickets. We shouldn’t have to poke the providers to fix them lol.

yep G-Portal says this is on you guys!

Conan Server 1941 conflict has been down for the past hour.

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Please contact funcom regarding all official server matters as they run and operate these

so fix 1940 and 1941 now please and not 2maro like you all did last time

Been well over an hour since I could log on

looks like its gonna take 12 hours again.

This is 3rd time in the past week. It’s been quite aggravating for sure.

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