Official Server #1940 Down

The server went down around 8PM. I have been unable to connect since then.

1941 is also down (we always seem to go down at the same time as you 1940 folks). This is their official server report form

Unfortunately, Funcom is abysmal at utilizing it. We contacted gportal directly to see about getting it fixed - still waiting for a reply. Here’s our community Discord for 1941 if you ever wanted to chat it up while you wait :slight_smile:

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Why haven’t we made one!? We both seem to be brothers in arms against constantly broken servers! I always report 1941 as being down as well, whenever contacting Gportal, since we always go down together. Normally after reporting to them the problem is usually solved within the hour.

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Definitely haha. I feel a sort of kinship with 1940 due to these outages, even though I’ve never met you folks. Gportal is based in Germany I believe, so hopefully they’ll be awake/at work in a few hours

I’m kind of regretting jumping to this server lol. It sounds like it goes down often.

Eh, this is the second time its happened. About the same as any of the servers. We’re pretty pro-active as a community about pesternig funcom until it gets fixed though

Hakeem, the ridiculously rich merchant of 1941, sent the good people of G-Portal a ticket, but alas, they have yet to reply. So, I sit here pondering just what it would take to get Funcom to have servers that did not run as if a blind, mute, deaf, comatose, lobotomy patient were smashing their keyboards to keep it running.

:frowning: server down again

this server has a really hard time staying up for whatever reaons.

I just beat the Witch Queen with a backpack full of loot. I’ll be so upset if I lose that time I put in…

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