#1942 PVE-C down

Multiple users are unable to connect to Server #1942.

Is showing 33/40 connected in Steam server view, but shows 1/40 connected in Conan before clicking Join.

Been down for about an hour now…

Still dead.

Server is pingable and shows up in the list but it is impossible to actually connect.


Got up early to get a jump start on upgrading my Ymir shrine. :frowning: Server is still down. Times out whenever I try to connect. Filled out the Google Doc form just in case no one else did yet.

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We are having the same issue over on 1940 for the second time this week, and 1941 were having these issues earlier in the week as well. Make sure to submit a report through their official server reporter. I would link it, but the forums won’t allow me to do so.

Edit: Due to reported solutions from last attempt, I have submitted a support ticket with G-Portal as well. They are the ones that actually host these servers, so hopefully circumventing Funcom can actually get some results in a reasonable time frame.

Edit: Both servers appear to have been restarted. 1940 is back up, and 1942 should be as well

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