Can't Log In to Official 1940 PvE-C


I can’t log in to this server anymore. It just hangs loading forever. I can log in to a new server or single player, but not this one. When I check the official server browser it shows as 0 or 1 / 40 players most of the time, sometimes it shows the right amount around 16/40. Through steam server listing it shows the right player count but has the same problem ran through steam. I have uninstalled both the game and battle eye, restarted my computer, verified integrity and played singe player for 10 minutes, the problem is still occurring. Please help, I don’t play much and don’t want to start over.


Having the same issue here. Been down for at least 4 or more hours.

Same here. been about 5 for me.

I’m also on 1940 unable to login. :frowning:

also still unable to connect has been down for about 5hours, was on when the server booted me

1941 is also down. I wonder if the whole block of servers exploded…

I noticed significant server side lag yesterday.

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Is the server down then?

Had some nasty lag the past couple days, but I chalk that up to holiday internet traffic.

Please use this Link to report official Server issues


Thank you for this, please update use when you get word of whats going one though.

Yes ty, submitted my response as well.

Just reported #1941

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I still can not log into official server 1940 conflict. I crashed or appeared to have crashed about 5 hours ago and have not been able to get back in since. restarted a dozen times and verifyed my game files.

Hi there everyone,

Both 1940 and 1941 have crashed and are having issues restarting. We have contacted G-Portal and they are working on the problem. I am sorry but I do not have a time frame for when this issue will be fixed.


Thank you for the heads up. Just keep us in the loop.

Thank you for the quick reply. Will be looking forward to the fix. :slight_smile:

Also having the same issue.

I was fighting an elephant when server went down.
I hope i’m still alive.

Hope our server still there.

6:15 AM, 5-30 we’re back up. Doesn’t look like I lost anything, although I hadn’t logged in since 5-28

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