Can't Log In to Official 1940 PvE-C


So I’d really like to point out, that we got a community manager response stating that Funcom was aware of it and contacted GPortal. After over 12 hours of the servers being offline - still nothing happened.

One of my clan mates sent a ticket directly to Gportal around 11pm PST, and they fixed our server within an hour and responded. So I’m wondering why it took a player to send a simple ticket to fix the server - after 12 hours of it being down? Server was #1941

So let me get this straight. An official response from Funcom said they were aware of the issue and that they had contacted Gportal and that they were “working on the problem.” Then, after 12 hours and no change, a player sends a single ticket to Gportal and the server is back up within an hour? Seems kind of fishy doesn’t it? Its almost as if Funcom had not actually contacted Gportal.

It’s a conspiracy :slight_smile:

1940 is down again
Edit: Server is completely offline, so it appears that it is being restarted.
Edit: Server is back online

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