PVE-C 1941 crashes, unjoinable every day for 2 weeks

Official Server 1941 PVE-C is not joinable. All server memebers were disconnected. This occurs every day for the past 10+ days around 6-8 pm Eastern US time, and the un-joinable state lasts for 4-10 hours. I have contacted gportal and they state they cannot restart the server as they do not have access to the official servers. I and the dozens of other members of the server Discord fill out the Funcom Server Down report form each time, and there is never any response. I have emailed Funcom with no response.

What is Funcom doing to address this issue 1) at the time of occurrence, to bring the server back when it goes down/ is not joinable and 2) in the long term to correct the issue.

The bugs and balance issues are one issue, and I and many others I play with continue to enjoy the game despite the issues. However, having the server in which we have put 100+ hours un-joinable for all of prime playing time is not acceptable and my (and others) good will are failing quickly.

i want to continue to play this game and support DLC releases, but in the current state, i am very near unistalling, moving on, and forgetting about future offerings from Funcom.


I’d like to know as well. I played on 1517, but it has had similar issues and I’ve left to play another server. I’d like to play PVE-Conflict, but the servers are trash ever since the DLC patch.

I just want to play the game and Funcom keeps giving us garbage answers. Can we get an ETA on fixes?!

they know it goes down every night why cant they get it back up in a timely manner


This is the mystery.

Here, 5 days ago we get an answer from someone:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve all encountered this issue. We’re aware of these reports and we’re looking into the problem. It would appear that this is, for the most part, fixed after scheduled server restarts. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what’s causing it, so we don’t yet have a fix. We appreciate the reports and will continue investigating this for a possible solution in a future update.

They don’t know. So the current plan is to report your server is down and wait 12 hours.

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Yup, time to start looking into another game folks.

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1518 is down again, GG funcom

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