Why is PvE Conflict server 1941 crashing around 8 PM EST every night?

so for the last 5 nights in a row 1941 has crashed and most of those nights its been offline for 4 or 5 hours … are other servers having the same issues ? has there been any info on this ?

I’d like to know as well or at least have this acknowledged. I’ve managed about an hour of playtime this past week because of the server going down.

So I was on your side but now we can’t even log in to our server. Garbage.

down again and its not even 8 pm est yet

Every night it goes down we report it never hear anything then its just back up the next day for like 8 hrs then goes down for 16 more hours. still no word from Funcom. At this point give me back my money for the DLC since i cant uses it !

just bumping this right now since our server is down again 6th straight night i know of

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