Official server 1040 online, 0/40 and unable to connect

Server service request sent 2 hours ago approx.
Server is online with 0/40, endless loading screen if you try to connect.

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yes! thought this was only my issue. please fix it.

It has been down well before 5am uk time so at least 6+ hours ongoing.

server is up! ty!

And server is down again. Gives endless loading screen.

what the ?!?! whhyyyy

Just popped on to confirm… 12 hours first time , how long will this one go on for ?

1037,1038,1039 and 1041 also affected and who knows what more. Maybe time to change the host server for the instances? :wink:

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The server and others swings randomly it seems between for example 38/40 down till 6/40 or 1/40 or even 0/40.

So while you think it may work again due to high(er) user count, You still end up with endless loading screen.

I just want to play a game i paid for, why is it so haaarrdd?

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Hi there,

I am very sorry for the frustration that this issue has caused you. Server 1039-1041 are currently down and are currently being looked into. I do not have a time frame for when the issue will be resolved. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

PC PVE-C #1517 is down as well.

1517 has gotten into this state 2 nights in a row, around the same time. They don’t fix it, the morning restart just kicks the server.

It would proper Customer Service if you wouldn’t stretch the truth and say they are being looked into, they are being looked into, but as bugs during active development. The developers are working the weekend and debugging the server.

Why not just restart the servers when they get stuck in this state instead of making us wait 12 or so hours for the morning restart to “fix” the issue???

And… Again. This is getting really annoying, especially if you get kicked out of the game on a place you do not want toget kicked out of the game… At all. So, I just bought a DLC for 10€ and I bet many more people did… I hope this can be fixed.

And I think PVE-C 1040 is down again , I was dc 20 mins ago and apparently I am still there. With noone new joining or leaving.

Edit - Merexa above me confirms it . 3rd time in 2 days. How long this time, 1st 12hours, 2nd approx 13 hours, 3rd time is the charm.

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Yep, server shows 40/40 yet its dead.

Official Server #1518 is experiencing the same issue - players DC and get the endless login screen. Can’t login until the server is rebooted it seems. Hopefully this is resolved ASAP as there is no quicker way to lose player’s interest.

And so I hold off on buying the DLC myself. Let me play the game on my main server with my main character and I’ll support continued development.

Ilhan broke it.

I can see the server is still in it´s “locked up” state with 40/40.

So that’s another currently 12 hours and counting downtime. Over the weekend the server has been more down than up. I can understand it happened to quite a few servers. And I can understand that G-Portal on their own can not just restart the servers, but need approval from Funcom. May I suggest some sort of 24/7 watch from Funcoms side, at least until this widespread and regular issue has been solved? Had it been a couple of servers with issues ok, but not like this. There simply need more attention.

Others has raised it in other threads due to the double XP. Not an issue for those of us already 60. But for other newcomers or server movers they deserve a few more days on the affected servers.