Can’t join 1040

Hay … my mates and me can’t join the server 1040 …
Once I got off , I couldn’t join 10 minutes later … we stuck at the loading screen …

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Same, can’t play (PS5)

Official server 1040
After update
Reinstall Conan client
We can’t connect to our PVE server 1040 …
In 8 days we are going to lose all to decay …
Pls funcom help us .



Thank you so much for your report and thorough information.

I reported this issue and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:


Hi 1040 has been down all week. My base will decay soon and then im done. Can you let us know whats happening?

yes seems up now. i just got in too.

Update worked ! We can connect biuuuuhuuuja

It is still not working, only you can brute force yourself in with countless tries.
PvE-C servers are unplayable since the update.

yes broken again. glad i got in yesterday and reset my decay timers but a lot of people will lose everything.

Haven’t been able to join 1040 since the update. All other servers seem fine. Tried 6009 and 1037. Also my 2 private servers. Only 1040 is not letting me join and stuck at infinite loading screen. Please fix this Funcom :frowning: Don’t want to lose stuff to decay…

Update from the update the update …
1040 is still an infinite loading screen and even if you can join after 3-8 try’s … you have a horrible server and lag performance

It is Tuesday but still no fixing for this PvE-C server affected bug.
In my work this kind of blocking critical errors must be fixed in much shorter time.

Well on ur work u probably dont have monopoly on one of a kind game so here we must accept it

Hi all! If you keep trying to log in to the server, sometimes you can enter. I play on 1040, I just entered after 3 tries.The bug is a little random… you need a lot of patience.


Here we go again, #1040 in infinite loading screen. On the patch day it was good, but not anymore.


Same for me, I’ve the same problem on other official server (EU) with some server working for 30 min and then lag untill kick.
If it wasn’t for the ping i will play on the US servers, no problem at all.

I don’t know if all of us have this problem :
When i start the loading screen, at first i go to a 1/4 of loading then the loading image change and the loading restart and slowly fullfill the bar and got stuck.

maybe it’s just the loading but to cause all this problem

looks like the only option is to start review bombing funcom. what a shit show.

:relieved: @Funcom_Community :brazil: Servidor “oficial”, que na verdade são públicos da G-Portal, um link para as regras do fórum é exibido

Recomendo entrar em contato com o Zendesk para esclarecer essa questão. Caso ainda não tenha lido as regras, pode conferir o limite de bases no link dentro da página de regras para servidores “oficiais” públicos

caso queira ver mais detalhes também fiz um clipe mostrando sobre as regras e construções

Você pode enviar um ticket para o suporte zendesk para se informar do problema

What ?:joy:

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