Server PC conflict 1042 stuck on loading screen

Server 1042 stuck on loading screen.

Help Please.

Same here, 3 of clan members try but cant login even it shows its online

Same here stuck on loading screen.
I can see it is more than 2 hours since first poster.
If this is a general issue on a official server, and i can see their is no one online, then how can someone from support not see their is something wrong with the server, and or see posts on the forum.
If it takes more than 2 hours to respond to a critical issue, then i guess either their is no actual monitoring that anyone responds to which is not very reassuring.

Same here It was 3h ago and now the same

No one on server and no one can enter it, so please restart it.
Dont come and say you can only restart it at scheduled restarts :).

Remember to use the server report tool as well.

If this is an official server, please use
Is your server unavailable? Use our new report tool! as well, as this will speed up any maintenance.

As servers tend to have issues in ‘groups’, this issue may be related to:

Please check back from time to time with your own posts and the posts noted above. I hope they’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:
(Staff may not be available during weekends, so don’t get worried that it didn’t get fixed yesterday.)

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