Server PC conflict 1043 stuck on loadingscreen

Server PC conflict 1043 stuck on loadingscreen, I did restart internett and game no luck, I got to lvl 60 on pvp and pve without this issue. Fix please.

Edit: If this is an official server, please use
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As servers tend to have issues in ‘groups’, this issue may be related to:

Please check back from time to time with your own posts and the posts noted above. I hope they’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:
(Staff may not be available during weekends, so don’t get worried that it didn’t get fixed yesterday.)

If they are not available for reoccuring severe incidents like this.
Then teir is a huge lack of response ability at funcom, like we experience on forums, ingame and their ability to handle the issues.
Lack of response, but we do get dlc and so on we can buy, maybe a future expansion will include what should be basic funktionality and propper uptimes, and propper error orrurence + handling of.

The grouped issue, and latency issues players have also show that servers are just not up to standardfs, and too many ressources is not available. Probably invested in console too much, and we are left hanging as always.
Bet console owners have faster response times, as we have almost no response, and only links to other sttements and basic fixes that does not fix what is not handled.

Geting so tired of being neglected and treeted like a subject by the game developing industry, no propper standards, just cost benefit produktion with a top down protection of response ability, and no moral or ethics.
Ive seen bots programmed on mirc being more aware and reasonable than this support and level of involvement funcom shows.

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