Server #1822 lost connection, stuck loading screen

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US

For the third Sunday in a row, at around same time (10:30pm), I get the : “lost connection to server” message in game, back to game menu, server shows up in list, but can’t login, stay stuck on loading screen until next server restart (usually next am).
I see other player online on the server list.
And I can access other server without issue.

Hello @Grimoirebas, welcome to the community!

Are you able to login to other official and private servers during that period?

Does it only occur on Sundays and always at that specific time?

The issue might be related to your ISP, as such we’d suggest trying to reset your router and reboot your PC when that occurs.

Thank you for the answer, yes I can log into any other server, official, non official, pve, pvp, just not mine.
Tried to log into single player and back also.
As I am only playing for about a month I cannot personally say if it’s a new issue with this specific server, but according to other players it seem to be.

I did try the whole “unplug it, plug it back” thing with my router, steam, laptop and everything I could think of and didn’t make any difference.
Was able to log back in this am, when I woke up, after what I assume was the server restart time.

Thank you for providing additional information!

Do you log out and exit the game through the menus?

Does the area where you logout in is the same used in other days / time where you have no issues logging in?

Hi, yes I do. It happened once at UC then at Den, while in combat. Apparently at least one other player on at the time, had the same thing happened Sunday.

Did you happen to also try to connect to the server through direct connect or through the stream friends list when the issue occurred?

Should it persist, please share your log file ( ConanSandbox.log ) with us through DM, right after the problem occurs.

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