Cant log into server 1502

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: (Online official | Online private | Single-player)]PVE official server
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]played yesterday , some stuttering and lag as always but playable, today can log into other servers but not 1502 the one i mainly play on
Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE] pve
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north america

any fixes or help from conan devs??? please?

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ok logged in today for a bit , now just got disconnected after a few hours.
i never had this issue before , it ran great with a few lag spikes here and there , is there something going on with the servers across the board???

I’m having the exact same problem with 1502. Around noon to 1pm ET, my clanmate and I tried for about an hour to get on to no effect, both of us submitted server down tickets.

Around 4:30pm, I was able to get on and stayed connected for about 30-45 minutes before I noticed that nothing in game was responding, and got DC’d. Been trying to reconnect for at least half an hour now with no luck. Submitted another server down ticket.

Anyway, in the server browser earlier today, it would show 1/40 players connected even when down, and right now it shows 3/40 (it was ~22/40 when Cynn, myself and others got DC’d). Not sure how anyone could still be connected or why I can’t reconnect, but these sort of problem seem a lot more frequent since the server was moved a few weeks ago.

EDIT: 6:10pm ET now, and showing 20/40, trying again…

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yeah i cant get back on , been trying for about 20 minutes i think. but when i try to connect to any other server its flawless.?? i get in?

not sure whats going on and i really want to finish those steps lmao
earlier today i turned my router off and on again and thats when i went in , not sure if that is helpful but it worked a few hours ago.

I’ve been contemplating that as well, but I have visitors who are streaming football in the other room, and I don’t want to interrupt their game. >.>

BTW, this is your nextdoor neighbor upstream! :smiley:

oh hey!!! last night i saw someone acting / moving very strangly . i went up and killed the thralls attacking her, but she had server issues as of late as well.

and hope we gt in soon!!!

Yeah me too, this is ridiculous. Was right in the middle of trying to give advice to some of the players who had just bought the game too. Great first-impression, huh?

Anyway, guess I’ll do some food shopping if the server isn’t going to cooperate. Catch ya later, Cynn!

EDIT: The really strange thing is, the number of players being reported by BattleMetrics looks normal, so that’s what’s so confusing.

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It’s 3 hours since we got DC’d and still can’t get on.

Rebooting router and PC was of no help. As before, server shows 1/40, but neither myself nor clanmates can get on.

OK, looks like it’s online now. Event Log for the server shows it has been started 3x today:

6:10am Server Shutdown (normal daily reboot)
6:17am Server Started
2:03pm Server Started
8:55pm Server Started

Looks like ol’ 1502 is on the fritz again. Went down around 6:30pm, came up again around, 7:45pm, then it tanked about 20 minutes later at 8:05pm. :frowning:

I’m guessing someone is working on it because when filtering on Americas, PvE and Official and sorting by name, 1503 was the first server listed for about 10 minutes and now 1501 has also appeared. Here’s hoping 1502 is next…

EDIT: 1500, 1501, 1503, 1504… c’moooon oh-two!

Edit 2: ok ,I can see it, now to see if it connects…

Uh… why am I seeing the create character screen?! O_O;;;

Edit 4: Ok, must have just joined the wrong server, I’m on now.

i just crashed, no fatal error just server not on the list…here we go again…

Yep server crashed almost the exact same time as yesterday too, right at the start of the Purge window. It’s easy to tell when it’s about to happen, too, since chests, workbenches, etc. cease to respond.

Anyway, I don’t have time to sit around and wait for it tonight, hopefully my base holds up if I get offline purged. Wonder if I’ll ever get that “survive a purge” journey step completed at this rate… :-\

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Yeah the lag has been extreme, Jojo was bumping accross the floor, I was having issues opening boxes and even eating was very delayed. Seems the last few days it is getting worse and every day we gain more players. I was at the volcano, hope I am alive when I can get back on. I too wonder if the purge fix broke something else.

2nd disconnect tonight, im going to watch some movies , since they dont seem to have probs…oh conan exile, how i wish you were flawless…you have become my fav game, but this is getting frustrating now.

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Looks like it’s that time for the nightly crashes again. Just went down a few minutes ago. Glad I was someplace safe like running around in the volcano. O_o;;;

This is ridiculous, it’s been over an hour now, 3 reports by myself, several by other players I’m friends with, and there’s still no sign of anything being done.

are they watching the ball drop from dick clarks new years?

I guess so. You’d think a company like gPortal that pays its rent by running game servers would take this sort of thing seriously. So much for closing out the year by gaming with friends…

6+ hours… almost 1am. Good thing I hadn’t planned on spending NYE gaming with friends. Oh wait… that was exactly what we’d planned.