Infinite loading. Stuck

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue:** [Enter one of the following: | Bug Server PvP
Region: [EU]

Infinite loading screen and somtimes it loads but cant move or use escape key or see and ui just glitchy screen tearing . in server but other servers work fine thios happend after one base went invis and i walked through it. please help me get unstuck

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.go to a base with 200 thralls
2.die by 200 thralls and go back to the base and find it invisble along with your body
3.cry at your lost items
4.walk through the base walls like a god then have a tiger god come say hi then find yourself stuck at your bed needing to relog into a bugged loading screen

please can a admin reset my position asap!!

the screen just keeps loading… and 1 time it laoded but the whole thing was bugged. it just happens on this server but my friends are playing and they are fine. I tried another server but it runs perfect so I guess this is something a admin can fix. please can I get help fast its not a good time I have real bad luck on the timing

this is an official server pvp

I can press buttons and hear my character while the loading screen is on and im in game but loading screen just wont go off

why is no one answering?

Impressive game support 10/10 for sweet fa

Nobodyhere474 are you able to access Conan normally via Solo? And you don’t mention which Official server you are trying to access?

I sometimes have similar issues when accessing my private server. I do have a large base with a lot of stuff in it so loading takes more than normal. When I log onto other online servers for first time it takes almost no time at all in comparison. In most cases it loads up without issue - eventually.

If a person still has major issues connecting or getting into Conan Exiles, there is a standard set of steps that can be followed:

  1. Via Steam, verify the integrity of your game;
  2. Make sure there are no issues accessing Solo;
  3. Can you access any other Online servers?
  4. You have plenty of harddrive and RAM space available? (‘Lots’ is best in my opinion)

I personally do not know what the service level agreements are for support (check the official links), but since FunCom is based in Oslo, I suspect, under correction, that you logged this outside their core business hours? No idea so don’t quote me.

Hey @Nobodyhere474

We will need some extra clarification for us to process your report. Please take a look at this thread on how to report an issue:

Once that is out of the way, could you let us know on which server is this happening and if this problem still persists?
Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the reply, i did try all of those tips you mentioned but nothing. finally i got my friend to log in from his pc and it worked fine then i was able to log back in from here. so if anyone have that issue you know what you could try for a fast fix.

cheers have a good 1

Hi , i mentioned how it was fixed. other than that i have filled out the form in the bugs section i don’t understand what you mean, i updated the steps. at the link you provided i cant see any info on in game help or how and when server admins come to help resolve issues. I have explained that my problem was fixed by using another pc to log in then switch back to my pc. not sure why it worked but at least it did. ill be back if anything like that happens again i hope you guys are awake. peace out

server official1064

Glad you managed to get in. You may want to do a couple of tests. When you next log out of the game, move well away from your base (or any base) - somewhere more remote, and then log out. See if there is any change in time getting into the game. If there it is faster, do a couple more tests over the week, sometimes logging out from inside your base, from outside and looking at your base, and from other, far more remote places or tops of rock spires. Any changes in logging in time will highlight the issue and you will need to track down a ‘fix’ you can do on your PC and/or the Server to increase the ‘timeout’ period.

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yes thanks I was really hoping it wasnt a major issue. that’s a good idea although I think it could be related to corrupted temp files not sure.I was in the game but the loading screen was always there saying its loading but the game was actually loaded and I could move my character and here it equip items as I pressed the keyboard. so it was more of a visual bug a bit like the loading screen merged with the main ui of the game and was conflicting that’s why I had screen tearing at one point. maybes it has something to do with the walking though invisible base and the ui just saved that as normal so It seemed like the game saved that and the coding didn’t work together because I died in the invisible base from a tiger which also travelled through the base which doesn’t agree with the game rules or something and from then on it was just bugged.


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