1042 Server DOWN! - No one can connect

Like yesterday, can not connect, server is hanging and no one is comming on(online numberrs not changing for 30 min).
Tried for 30 mins, cant get in, other servers work fine.
Have used report tool.

Looks like people are connecting again, but i can not.

Server is empty and can not connect.
It does not initiate connection propperly, like server is not their.
Can see the tooltips not changing, staying at the first, which indicates no connection, else it would change.

Other servers work fine.

If this is an official server, please use
Is your server unavailable? Use our new report tool! as well, as this will speed up any maintenance.

As servers tend to have issues in ‘groups’, this issue may be related to:

Please check back from time to time with your own posts and the posts noted above. I hope they’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:
(Staff may not be available during weekends, so don’t get worried if this was the case yesterday and it didn’t get fixed etc.)

Read my text, it clearly states i used the tool!.

Server up again.

I noiticed that server list was different while servers did not work.
While they do not work, ui functionality like favorites etc works.
But when i can connect and servers work, favorites and so on does not work.

Also noticed when connection issues occur for all, tooltips only show first one, as no real connection is initiated.

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