Server #1998 buged since the beggining

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Server completely buged, can’t log in when there is 15 players or more, server falling every hour]
Region: [South America]

Plz fix this server, it’s buged since it launch.


impossible to play on this server, it is falling all the time …

This server is almost impossible to play after 10 players online. We are have many problems with old bugs too. Problably the hardware of it is to week. In certain momments we have to wait the loading of log in for hours, this also happens when we die, we can’t respaw on the certain time, we need to wait some time several minutes

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any solution?

at this moment i’m on infinite load

look adm!!

This server is always having login problems.
In the list of players says that there are 5 players online. More on command “togglethebughud” says it has 8 online. Soon the server drops and give a big roll back.

funcom??? any solution?

Please fix the server! We need answers!!