Official PvP Server #1110 is getting DDOS or frequent shutdowns

Hello. I play on this mentioned server very actively along many other new active clans.

When the server was inactive, with about 20 peak players, the server never had this issue.
Later on, a lot of new clans and players came making the server very active and a top official server. The server was 40/40 for a few weeks where everyone enjoyed their time.

Until now, a few days earlier, this server is getting unresponsive “moments” where no door opens, no chest opens, no consumables ticks, no damage dealt no stamina depleted, everything except your character “freezes”. It happens a lot around midnight.

This will probably scare away a lot of the newcomers, It is a sad thing. I’m only wondering if this is an issue coming from funcom or if this truly is some DDOS to suck out players?

Nevertheless the server suffers.

Getting the same in #1040. Ping hitting 1000 for 5mins. Then calms down for 10mins or so, ping back to 1000 etc etc etc.

1518 has been doing this the past few days as well.

Same issue on official PVE Conflict Server #1821. It’s been happening for a few days now, especially in the Evening PST. Quite frustrating as I’m constantly logging in dying, items, buildings, thralls being converted all disappearing, unable to find bodies during the middle of these crashes.

And now they’re happening more frequently and back to back to back to back.

Sorry I’m new to this game (purchased during the Steam sale), but this has been a frustrating trying to get into this game. I enjoy playing it when I can, but I may just ask for a refund due to how bad it’s been.

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It was the high MS ping before, now we are getting shutdowns as well

This is happening on 1811 as well. The interesting thing is that after a certain hour (I stay up very late) it completely stops. So I think someone is triggering it on the servers by taking some action.

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Don’t think its DDOS, since server restart fixes it. it seems the longer the server runs with heavy load aka many users the more likely it is to happen. On 1040 as said our game time usually ends around 23:00 to 00:00 CET and unuseable before reboot at 06:00. Sometimes it can die a lot earlier if its a heavy day all day.

I have lost more items to the server than any player combined

You know funcom, I used to think Blizzard Entertainment were bad enough when it came to dealing with their servers years ago but you guys, holy crap, you take it to a whole new level, Blizzard hasn’t got anything on you.

In the past few days we’ve had frequent server crashes, we tend to lose our gear when this happens, for example I was teleported off a bridge and into the lava when the server crashed, a few days ago, I logged in to find all my armour and tools gone.

Get your backsides in order and fix your servers.

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Was the serpent boss fight bug happening to dedicated servers ever fixed? If so perhaps it is related. Perhaps unrelated but it could be due to several players causing a bug that results in a slowdown and crash of the servers.

DDOS - 1082 same here PVP and lags AF.

the servers don’t seem to be crashing, just lagging out.

have even had a case where it was lagged out/locked out for 4 hours, when i got back in (10 mins after raid time had finished), i was still pulling a thrall along (don’t know how :P). but if it had crashed and reset, i would have expected that thrall to be gone from my bindings.

another time, i got a error message (just the once) about an outgoing buffer over stack or something… so i think it some sort of attack myself, but not an expert, so just a guess :slight_smile:

People are theorizing this is related to interacting with a wheel of pain.

Could be, our server(1040) is currently doing heavy thralling and it goes down as one of the first.

Sometimes it crashes too, like , the server vanishes off the lists of servers and every damaged building gets healed back to max HP again which is devastating during raids

And sometimes, like you said, it just laggs out completely instead of crashing.

Both are annoying.

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