Server 1091 EU Cheaters and DDoS


Funcom please have a look into the issue of DDoS on server 1091 eu, it is crashing every 10+ mins. People are leaving and the server is currently unplayable.

Unfortunately I cannot play on another server since its the 1 of few servers with no ping limiter.

Thanks and keep up the good work


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I paid so much for this game and all its upgrades and still funcom bunch of old people just pocket the money and do nothing to to keep there clients happy. Also on this server and server is like 1hr online 30min offline nonstop from the morning till night. I am really disappointing and future i will never buy funcom games if they dont want to sort there s%^t out. They like exploit on structure damage and item duplicating and then server cant handle it and crash completely.

Funcom! what is happening?

This was reported a year ago, Chinese tribe using glitch on server #1091

Come on can you guys do something?

guys i recommend having prove ! and reporting in private screenshot or videos anything you can the more clear the evidence the more chance you have ! funcom probably get plenty of other players accusing others, im guilty of it myself even though thoses players definetely deserve the report is not that easy to get evidence!

The server is down every evening. I’m sure they can see this on their side. There is no proof required if the actual server is offline in the evening.


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