Daily 12+ hour downtimes on Conflict Server 1040. Help

Hi there funcom, PVE-C 1040, since the khitan update has been down more than it has been up. Not one freeze prior I am aware of since launch or if there was it was short despite being one of the most consistently populated conflict servers. Since Fri there have been three 12+ hour downtimes and one ongoing at this point I did not track. The double xp weekend was a bust for anyone not 60 on our server. Multiple reports are sent via your reporting tool yet appear to make no difference to the timescale of the server coming back on. It seems to come back on after server reset irrespective of the reports.

I do not want to speak for other PVE-C servers but from the comments on steam its not the only one.

I received a response from support during the first downtime saying the following:

"Hi there, Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service. I would be happy to assist you. It seems that server 1040 has now crashed due to some significant issue on the back end for the server. It is currently being worked on. Unfortunately, I do not have a time frame for when the issue will be resolved. I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we deal with issue. "

As the server issues at this point are becoming a daily issue I was wondering if there is any kind of fix incoming to the “significant issue” beyond just letting the server do its scheduled reset or is it time to just give up the ghost on this until more stability is incoming.

I have yet to see any of the dlc content at this point, (farming the mats or trying to) as when I can get on normally coincides with the now daily downtimes.

Help funcom. Your our only hope. Server 1040 needs you.

edit - the server is now offline, progress.

edit 2 - and now we are back. Appreciate it funcom.

edit 3 - Closes eyes and wishes for thrall clan bug to go away so I can get out of my door…

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starting friday after khitan dlc:
Day 1 Peak time 12hr downtime until scheduled server restart
Day 2 Peak time 12hr downtime until scheduled server restart
Day 3 Peak time 12hr downtime until scheduled server restart
Day 4 Peak time restarted after going down, went down again and was reset hours later.
Day 5 Peak time down and ongoing.

We need that magic wand funcom. Basically a chunk of the PVE-C servers are affected. Every evening prime time.

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1036 Has gone down every night to, usually up again after 30 ish mins, now pushing one hour.

and… the streak continues…

Day 6 Peak time down. Expected uptime going on the past week? 12 hours when the server restarts.

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