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So after a successful raid had one vault left the the clan comes up with max stats on everything and takes it all wil double jumping everywhere fix it server number 3580

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they are working on it man. its not as simple as just fix it lmfao. your telling them the end result of a bug not the cause. they have to find the cause of it to fix the result of the bug… and as opposed to many other studios funcom is relatively small.


lol ahahaha roflmao naa they small they didnt make any money from age of conan or secret world lol stop being a fanboi


Let’s get some things clear, they are not indi, they might be small after being bailed out by their government but they ain’t no indi, they are even quoted on stock market, that make them big.

I’m a fanboy, i’m a fanboy of their games, not of them as people per se, but they are northen europeans middle-upper class borguois who don’t have any idea what “hard labour” actually means, sweating, sleepless nights, 15 hours shifts, ecc…

If they actually did they would have made live streams from their offices showing how “streamlined” it’s their development/bug fix process.

Your friendly neighbour barbarian anarchist

See you soon (i’m coming to oslo for some funcom pranks). :smiley:


they shouldn’t have released this yet fr.


I think the fix for the exploit is in the next patch. But is that going to change anything for the cheaters that already used it?

Can you say Server wipe.

With all the game balance mistakes made since launch and all the exploits players have taken advantage of, now on official servers all you have is alpha tribes that cheesed their way to the top, stomping out poor defenseless noobs that find it impossible to level to 60. The only way to correct all the problems and level the playing field is the thing nobody really wants, a server wipe. Otherwise people will just continue to rage quit the game, I’m hearing about empty servers and people quiting this game all the time, of all the people I know that played this game at launch I’m the only one still playing.

Say goodbye to all your $hit and hard work. Bring on the real purge!


Noticed the community manager say no wipe but an attribute reset to clear the all 50 junk on the cheaters. So everyone will just need to redo their stats is all.

Though with the number of things that break when they fix a handful of problems makes me wonder what the hell will happen with 500+ bugs “fixed” at once.