WHY can't I get a reply from Funcom?


Well, I think there are a few good reasons for that.

Most of the posts that FC does not respond to are those which are intended changes, whether stated in the patch notes or not (there’s only so much room for changed stuff). The very helpful community here offers tactics or strategies to cope with the problem you are having. A problem is not necessarily a bug.

Secondly, bugs are acknowledged by the FC reps and passed along to the team. At that point, they are probably compiled into a list and prioritized. If it affects a significant portion of the playerbase or is an exploit used to ruin the fun for others, it probably lands above the line and gets resources immediately assigned. Resources are limited and FC is a business.

If acknowledged and it falls below that line, it’s prioritized in a similar manner for resources as they become available.

That line moves on a daily or weekly basis as does the prioritization. This week it may be below the line. Next week may be different.

Personally, I applaud the folks who read every post and help build that list, since some posts come across as rants and bashing the people who work hard to let us have fun. They still read the post and do their best to pull the meat out of the putrid.

My twopence.




After reading this it feels like it was scripted.


The short answer is yes Funcom replies to people. But not to everyone. Not everyone is equal, and there is a good reason for this. Well I shouldn’t say people specifically, but rather the message. The tone, the content, or the timing of the message may cause it to be replied to or not.

Here’s a list of things they won’t reply to:

Insults. This is a no brainer. Calling them poor at their job, saying they don’t care, or using conspiracy theories to explain why they do or don’t do a thing. All this will get you no reply, and often times will get the thread deleted, locked, or unlisted. Many of the common posters in the forums are guilty of this, and I can say I’ve thrown people out of a place I’ve worked for fall less.

Wrong Location. This one is pretty common. Bug reports in the General Discussion and not the Updates and Bugs section. The developers only glance through the General area. The CM’s pick through it and point out interesting posts with ideas and suggestions for Devs to focus on. They don’t do that for bugs and exploits.

Repetitive. If its about a bug or glitch they’ve already replied to in another post, or on a livestream. They’re not going to reply about the same bug 100 times. Also if you have information about a bug, use the search feature, find the thread someone else posted, try getting the earliest one. Chances are, it has a reply, and post the new info you find about it there. That helps far more than make a dozen new posts. They bookmark the first thread they see on the bug that helps them.

Unclear. ‘Game broke, fix please’ is not helpful. They’re not going to reply to that. If you find a bug, follow the guidelines in the sticky. Find out which steps can reproduce the bug and list them. Give your computer specs, OS, and other information that might be unique to you compared to other players.

Timing. Sometimes someone beat you to the punch and made a thread first. Like stated under repetitive, you need to post your info in that thread. Or maybe they are looking into the bug already and don’t have any information to give you based on what you posted.

Like most of this response, the following wording is meant to the forum community as a whole, not directed towards the one quoted.

I know many people on these forums want a dev to sit there and go through the forums and go ‘acknowledged’ ‘looking into it’ ‘we’ll check it out’ to each and everyone of their posts. That it would make you all feel better. But they’re only human. They neither have the ability to do so nor the time. Of course that time is spent fixing bugs, adding new features, making new content for us. That isn’t even realistic.

So they’ve given us guidelines on how to report bugs and glitches, and exploits. If you follow them. You’ll likely be heard, even if not replied to. If not, you’ll be ignored. They’ve laid that standard out in black and white. You can like that, you can hate it, it doesn’t matter, its how they’ve operated for the last three years. I doubt they intend to change it. You’ll simply need to ask yourselves if that is acceptable or not.

At the end of the day, these devs play the game too. They play with mods and without. They play occasionally on official, though mostly on private (which ones, I will not say nor speculate). So they do want the game to work. They want to be able to play without glitches and bugs too. They DO care about the work they put in.


Well put, Taemien, and good advice to heed if you want to get your point across.

@Stone-Spear, this was off the top of my head having spent quite a while on the forums (primarily PC, 55k posts read) and watching what got replied to and what did not. It also was viewed from a business perspective, of which I have plenty. Sorry you took it that way.




And on the other hand, there are many who complain that that’s the only answer they ever get.

It would be really nice to have the developers and bug fixers write thorough progress reports in every relevant thread, but it’s even nicer that they spend their hours doing their job rather than writing forum posts about the job they should be doing.


Spot on, Kap.



Tencent bought Funcom in January, I guess Tencent aren’t bothered about support for an older game.

My correspondence with them on the forums and in discord in the last few days determined your statement to be false.


The title of this article says different…

Don´t bother. This is one of this “fanboy” topics that you read and then have a loud laugh before you close it and call it a day. :roll_of_toilet_paper: :rofl:

Or “advice from people who think about it, on how to get relevant queries answered.”

How you read it depends on whether you post to score points/forum pvp or actually want to help make the game better and the community more informed. Mileage may vary.


My post seemed interesting enough for you to make a comment about it. :joy:

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sorry their communication to the community still sucks, (no improvement there despite several promises of change) as you know there are bugs dating since release, and those tells a very different story than your own personal (or maybe semi-official?) perception

To be totally honest i am not blaming the community managers for the state of the game but the director(s) themselves (the current and old ones) whoever is setting the priorities is (in my personal opinion) not doing a good job, the only thing we can blame CM is their lack of communication back to us, they have several CMs , and they barely say anything ever (very likely that is the reason you created this post to defend them)

the general feeling is that they (devs) seems disorganized, and its always been like this since day one, they starts things and then leave them half baked, and move into something else that again ends up feels half baked. here are a few examples

  1. purges : the added a few great purges with a promise to improve the whole thing , (cimmerian berserkers, army of nordheimers, razor gord kitchen staff, among others) but left the OLD and very weak ones purges in, old purges should be removed and new ones should be added , having both the old and the new ones together is NOT good, and should not be considered as a feature, people work to get the purge bar up, to get a good experience not to get a weak boring old purge that was never updated. animal purges brings no rewards to players as human purges does. (this needs attention, its part of the end game content, and they should be adding more regularly )

  2. revamp of capitals and areas of the game, there are still several that were never touched, they did the unname city, new asargath, mounds of the dead, others areas still never got touched, it was a great effort that brings value to the game that was left completely half baked in a lot of areas of the map.

3.balance issues and gear getting their perks broken, couple examples : a) legendary lovetap dealing less concussion (aka knock out) damage than steel truncheons. B) godbreaker boots not always repairing the weapons you are equiping when getting damaged by environment and or NPCs, boss damage inconsistencies, arena champion being more dangerous than the god breaker boss or anything else in the game, (its like several different people working on different aspects of the game and not communicating with each other) things like companions and NPC falling in the ground (red mother case) among many many other problems that was reported long time ago and was never dealt with.

  1. the dreaded server performance being terrible when more than 20 (our cases is 22) people are simultaneously on at official servers. any plans to fix this?

  2. decay system, there are bases from people that has not been playing since 1.5 years ago, they simply comes once a week refresh and leaves, this i believe is griefing , no measures has been taken to fix the problem, same with thralls belonging to those people they are happily living there, some actually floating, let me elaborate, i can agree that people might come in a refresh for 2 months , 3, or even 6 due to personal life, but over a year just coming to refresh and not playing? this creates issues to server, as it is wasted server resources on something that is not being used by players.

do you want to know what is what most people want? (that should be their number 1 priority) and that is fix the core of the game (we dont see that happening) , people wants vastly improvements in server performance (note that i am not talking on client performance) , NO MORE frequents 1020 pings when more than 22 people gets on, and people wants extensive testing of their patches before it goes live (reward the testers who spent time in testlive. so more testers pops in, dont expect people working for funcom for free. being said that i have lots of respects for those who do test the game in testlive without getting anything in return…


based on results we have seen in previous large patches , QA process needs improvements , highly visible in the latest patch. (it was a disaster)

have a wonderful day!

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that is community managers job, not the job of the dev team or the job of those fixing the game. pretty sure CMs must be well informed on what they are working on, (or … maybe no? ) LOL

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Well sayed, i tottaly agree mine, :+1:, nice post.
The same to @Taemien :+1:
@Kapoteeni, if i remember well you were the one of the 3 persons that i send personal wishes for Merry Christmas in this forum, your posts
are always wise structured with tier 5 foundations. Keep it going my friend, you rock :+1:.


As I stated above, it doesn’t. They will speak to you on an individual basis, IF you have pertinent information on existing issues, something new, and you’re polite. Heck the devs even speak to modders directly on a normal basis.

I dunno where you get the idea that purges are endgame content. They can occur the moment you have a 1x1 hut at level 1 if you perform enough actions.

Not every area needs a revamp. Black Galleon, Den, Pagoda, and other places haven’t seen recent passes but are fine as is.

I’ve seen some of these fixed recently. The same fix that helped with followers and mobs going through foundations helped with thralls getting knocked through the ground. If you’re still having issues, you need to show reproduction steps, and details on WHERE it happens, WHEN it happens, and screenshots as they happen would help immensely.

This is a Gportal issue. I can say that for a fact. I’ve played on modded (10-20 mods at a time) 70/70 servers that run better than 20/40 officials. Funcom could put pressure on them. But what can they do when Gportal says ‘we did everything we could’? They can’t exactly afford to make a new contract with another host for 1000s of servers. And migrating the database for each one would be a nightmare.

No, the only solution here is to lower official player caps to 20. I dunno how you all would react to that though.

I don’t think there is a way to fix this. How do you objectively measure ‘active’ playing time? These players maybe playing once a week in odd hours for all we know. I doubt you’ve cased them out for multiple 24 hour sessions.

On the server I help admin, there are players who never see each other. I can watch when they login, and when they log off (due to Pippi webhooks to discord). I’ve had reports of people being inactive, yet they login several times a week for a few hours at a time.

Agreed, more people on testlive would be favorable. Perhaps moving a number (every fourth one) of officials to testbranch would force the issue. This would move at least 10% of the playerbase to testing features as they come in. Assuming they remain on those servers.

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You need to do many things before send an email

I think perhaps we read the title differently. The title is a common theme that gets asked from time to time. The body of the OP post is meant to explain why and offer suggestions to help people with future posts.


please care to explain what did you understood when they said they will improive comunication with community?

you cant have anough actions in the game at level 1 to get purged. unless you use admin commands or cheat. having a purge such as army or nordheimers IS end game content. it vastly depends on where you are, and in the norther part of the map, is meant as END game content. unless you are cheating or in god mode with admin commands you cant survive this purge alone unless you are backed by sufficient thralls,

lets talk about the frozen north, by the temple of frost, even the noob river got new camps and thralls added . what makes you think they cant improve on the ground they already established?

check lovetap, and the godbreaker boots, as an example, lovetap has been in bad shape for many months, (even its been told in different videos, did you read the part of bosses inconsitensies? or you think its ok to have a mini boss do way more damage that all the end bosses of the game? (i am not asking for nerf of arena champion , on the contrary i am asking for making the other bosses harder. not a joke as they currently are.

its a hard one, yes, but i think game could count the ammount of time someone has played during a year anyone below lets say 100 hrs a year (could be more or less) could become a target for decay. (just an idea)

you cant force people , you need to produce incentives . why will be acceptable to be forced to test something?