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I’ve read a few posts on the suggestions and I don’t seem to ever see funcom get involved, if they do I must be missing it every time.

Suggestion would be to maybe Get Involved here and there or are you busy fixing the game?

Generally, in my experience, though FunCom monitor pretty much all posts for the whole channel, they get more involved with faults and the like and not the basic stuff that can be answered by other forum members, or from manuals, etc.

Many faults have template tickets available and those will flag it higher priority. If the fault is mod-related, there’s little need for FC to be involved as that should be escalated to the Mod forym. The Suggestions? No idea. I am guessing whomever at FC is wearing the Customer Focus hat will check it and respond?

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Fair enough, I’m just yet to ever see someone getting a reply on the suggestion page, which makes me think what’s the point in a suggestion lol

I’ve had one or two direct from FunCOm before. Just depends on the query/fault/suggestion ultimately

I agree with you, I am here for about half a year and when I take the Feedback Quote (not to me but most posts, that suggest again and again the same things like better wheel of torture or sorting the overloaded menu) there is dead silence. they only seem to answer if it is something they already have in Pipeline, but nothing else. I am sorry to say I changed my mind, i do not believe any longer the suggestion thread will bring anything but keep people dreaming their dreams what could this game be…
7 days after the last reply the thread is closed, so the same suggestions come again and again as threads, but only the wind answers…

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Don’t be discouraged, I am pretty sure someone at funcom reads the suggestions forum. But keep in mind that the devs are the ones directing the lines in which they want the game to go, so they may take note of those suggestions that follow that line, while others are not taken into account. Also keep in mind that some things need code changes, which also could have side effects on other game mechanics, and in some cases can be undesirable or break something else. It is not easy when there are so many suggestions.


FC staff definitely respond to some ideas out of Suggestions - I have seen first hand. They cannot respond to all obviously. Some ideas have been raised many times, and may have been replied to more than a year back. Some have even made it into the core game.

i was prolly the last to start a thread complaining about not being able to see what way the ceiling tiles were faced before placed. it got answered in the last update 8P

It’s only slightly different when you report bugs or crashes, you get answered sometimes, but with the same sentence and answer, that being: can you supply a screen shot and we are aware of your problem and will pass it on to the team. Pretty sure it’s close to an automated response. I’ve stopped playing due to the amount of issues on console, I only log in 1 time a week to run over everything so it don’t disappear, when it runs smooth I’ll come back but for now it’s on to other things

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Nice very nice

Every patch breaks something else so that shouldn’t be a problem

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