More Guidance / Feedback wished

Since a while I am taking part here. The suggestion category is a nice place with interesting ideas.
But I miss feedback from funcom. We are discussing here ideas. Many very good ideas. Some of them might be easy to implement, others would change the game mechanics too much.

What I also see is that the same ideas come again and again. Of course, as threads are closed after 7 days and during that time an overwhelming count of new posts appear.
After some weeks I got the impression of circlets, ideas are there, but after a while they disappear. Some weeks later the same idea pops up again and disappears. So I start to ask me if it makes any sense to make suggestions here, as it looks as there comes no feedback from administrators.

So my suggestion is, that funcom choose an amount of realistic, implementable features here and organise a poll where we can choose which features we like most. In this way I would have the feeling again, that our suggestions here are not only discussions and dreams from the community.

Regards & thank you for a wonderful game

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